NanoString Analysis System

The nCounter® MAX Analysis System from NanoString Technologies offers a high throughput system to easily profile the expression of hundreds of genes, miRNAs, proteins, or copy number variants simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision. 

The instrument facilitates a wide variety of basic research and translational medicine applications, including biomarker discovery and validation. To date, NanoString has been cited in over 1000 publications.

Nanostring nCounter MAX Analysis system

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The Nanostring nCounter MAX Analysis system comprises two instruments: an automated robotic prep station, that performs all the sample handling steps, and a digital scanner that counts the fluorescently labelled barcodes. 
The instruments are located in the UCD Veterinary Sciences Transcriptomics Laboratory and are managed by a fully trained, dedicated technician.

The Nanostring nCounter® Analysis System utilises unique fluorescent barcodes to detect single molecules. The colour-coded barcodes enable direct, digital detection of hundreds of individual target molecules in a single multiplex assay. 

Nanostring offer a range of predesigned panels in oncology, immunology and neuropathology; alternatively custom gene sets of up to 800 targets can be freely designed for any sequenced organism.

The Nanostring website illustrates the wide variety of studies that can be performed using this platform. 

Gene expression analysis can be routinely performed with limited input amounts of RNA (100ng) and the system is highly tolerant of difficult sample types, such as FFPE and crude-cell lysates; single-cell protocols are also available.

Totals hands-on time for sample preparation is less than 15 minutes and requires no special training.  

Data analysis can be performed easily and quickly using the freely available nSolver software.

Dr John Browne, Senior Technical Officer
T: (+353-1) 716 6243