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How To...

Please open a section below to read instructions.

There are three ways you can top up your UCard balance:

1.   Online, via the SISWeb portalClick here for this option

2.   Using contactless payment at a self-service topup kiosk. The locations are as follows:

Arts J/K Copi-Print / UCard bureau (Newman building, opposite Theatre L)

James Joyce Library entrance (opposite the turnstiles beside the exit for the John Henry Newman [Arts] building)

Richview Library

Smurfit Business School Blackrock in the Oval room, Copi-Print

3.   Using cash or card at a Copi-Print bureau. Bureaux locations are:

Arts J/K Area (Newman Building)

Smurfit Business School (Blackrock) in the Oval room

To set up your laptop:

Download the appropriate installer package and run it.  The installer is available here.

Select ‘’Install’’ and then ‘’Finish’’

To print from your laptop:

Select File > Print from your application

Select a printer from the following list:

A4_BW_PRINTER: A4-sized paper in black-and-white.

A4_COLOUR_PRINTER: A4-sized paper in colour.

A3_BW_PRINTER: A3-sized paper in black-and-white.

A3_COLOUR_PRINTER: A3-sized paper in colour.

Press Print

Type in your Student Number in the popup box (this confirms that the job belongs to you and can only be retrieved by your card)

To release your job:

Place your UCard on the reader beside your chosen printer

Highlight your print job(s) on the unit and press Print

To finish press ‘’logoff’’ or “exit’’

To print from your laptop:

Printing for MAC users is only available through the EveryonePrint web portal.

Please (opens in a new window)click here to open EveryonePrint and log in with your UCD Connect credentials.

To release your job:

Place your UCard on the reader beside your chosen printer

Highlight your print job(s) on the unit and press Print

To finish press ‘’logoff’’ or “exit’’

To upload your print job:

Log into the (opens in a new window)EveryonePrint Web Portal from your browser

Enter your UCD Connect credentials

Upload the file(s) you want to print and select the print queue you want to send to

Alternative printing options are available under the Web Print and E-mail Print tabs - instructions are given for the use of these options

To release your job:

Place your UCard on the reader beside your chosen printer

Highlight your print job(s) on the unit and press Print

To finish press ‘’logoff’’ or “exit’’

Place your Student card at the sensor beside the Copi-Print machine

Press the HOME button on the machine

Press the Scan & Send button and type in your e-mail address

Place your original document on the glass (single page) or in the feeder (multiple pages)

Begin scanning by pressing the green START button on the machine

To finish press "logoff" or "exit"

Approach the Copi-Print machine you wish to use

Place your Student card at the sensor beside the machine

Press the COPY button on the display

Place your original document on the glass (single page) or in the feeder (multiple pages)

Make the appropriate selections on the display, e.g. paper size, number of copies, and so on

Begin copying by pressing the green START button on the machine

To finish press "logoff" or "exit"

Approach the kiosk and follow the instruction  " v HOLD UCARD TO UCARD READER BELOW v "

The UCard reader is directly below the screen, in the centre

Kiosk screenshot displaying the text

 You will see your original UCard account balance

Kiosk Login screen showing button to choose amount to top up with.

Choose "Continue..." on the display

Select the amount you wish to top up with

Kiosk screenshot sowing the request for an amount of money to be selected by the user.

You will see the selected amount at the bottom-right of the display

Kiosk screenshot showing the request for confirmation of a selected amount to top up with.

If you wish to top up with this amount, select Confirm

You will then be asked to follow the instructions on the Chip & PIN pad

Kiosk screenshot showing the instruction to use the Chip and PIN pad to top up the account.

Tap your contactless payment card on the reader below the screen on the right-hand side. The reader will also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay options

The reader will confirm the amount topped up and the Current Balance on the display will reflect your new balance

Kiosk screenshot showing the original and current balance before the Finish button is selected.

Press Finish on the display to log out

Go to (opens in a new window)http://copi.ucd.ie/print in your web browser. The login screen will display. Enter your UCD Connect username and password and press the 'Login' button.

The EveryonePrint login screen

You will see the Upload File screen. Click the 'Choose File' button and select the file you want to print.

EveryonePrint screen for choosing a file and uploading it into the EveryonePrint system.

You will see the file name appear beside the 'Choose File' button.

EveryonePrint screen showing that a file has been added and is about to be uploaded.

Click the 'Next >>' button. You will see a message saying that your job is being processed.

EveryonePrint screen showing the message that a print job has been added and that it will be processed in a moment.

The display at the bottom will show your uploaded file in an 'Awaiting release' state. The four printer queues will be shown.

EveryonePrint screen showing

Click the button with the name of the queue you want to release your job to.

EveryonePrint screenshot of printer queue buttons, indicating that one of them needs to be pressed to release the job to that queue.

When the Status has changed to 'Printed', you can release your print job on any self-service printer.

EveryonePrint screen showing the status of a job that has been released to a queue, i.e. printed.

Click the 'Log Out' link in the top right-hand corner to log out of EveryonePrint.


Word Documents are notoriously unstable if opened on a PC different from the one the document was created on.  We recommend that you always save the file as a PDF and proof before sending it to print.  If you don’t do this and the formatting has changed this is not the fault of the printer but an issue with the original file and therefore your own responsibility. This is especially a problem when printing theses where accuracy is of paramount importance. Always save your files as A4 PDF Documents and proof before sending to print, as you won’t be refunded if you make a mistake.
Print your thesis in a few simple steps!

1.   Select File -> Print in the application you are printing from.

*** The recommended file format is PDF ***

2.   If the document contains any colour, choose the  A4
Colour printer from the list
Image highlighting the colour printer option for printing theses.
3.   Place your student card at the sensor beside the printer
4.   Highlight your print job on the printer and press Print
5.   To finish press ‘’ logoff’’ or “ exit’’
- Our printers automatically detect and charge appropriately for B&W and colour pages.  There is no need to print B&W and colour pages separately
- Printing costs 6 cent per B&W page and 20 cent per colour page.  The complete self-service printing costs are listed here
- Unfortunately, we don't do hard binding, only soft binding.  We recommend the Thesis Centre in Camden Street ((opens in a new window)http://www.thesiscentre.ie) or Thesis Direct ((opens in a new window)http://www.thesisdirect.ie)