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What is eProcurement.

As part of UCD's Procure to Pay process, all purchases should be made using the eProcurement application. eProcurement is an online application through which staff can requisition goods and services from third party suppliers. The following terminology is used throughout the application, and defined as follows:

  • Basket Analysis:
    Within eProcurement the requsitioner must provide information as to the coding of a particular order. Basket analysis is the term used for the section within eProcurement where you assign the cost centre, general ledger account code, job reference (if applicable), order type and delivery address.
  • UCD Approved Supplier Catalogue:
    Commonly referred to as "the marketplace", "the punchout", "the catalogue". This is the online marketplace where UCD Approved Suppliers can range their goods which are approved for purchase within UCD. 
  • UCD Approved Supplier:
    Refers to a list of suppliers that are approved to purchase from UCD. The supplier may not be displaying in the UCD Approved Supplier Catalogue if they generally provide a service or very specialised equipment. You can still purchase through these suppliers using the non catalogue purchase facility.
  • Requisitioning/Requisitioner:

    The initial request for goods or services. A requsition is raised by an individual who's roles is to secure a request for goods or services.

  • Approval/Approver: 

    An approver is the inidividual who is accountable for the Budget in this cost centre or grant and who will ultimately be accountable for the spend in question.

  • Authoriser:

          An authoriser is the inidivudal who is accountable for granting system access at the appropriate level for each role.

Accessing eProcurement

eProcurement can be accessed from UCD Connect or by simply clicking www.ucd.ie/eprocurement.  Please note that when accessing eProcurement on campus you should use the wired network.  If you are connecting via the wireless network, you must ensure that you are using eduroam.

If staff need to access eProcurement off campus, they will need to connect via the Staff Virtual Private Network.  A (opens in a new window)VPN access request form will need to be completed if it hasn't already been done so and the relevant Cisco AnyConnect software downloaded.  Simply follow the instructions on the IT Services/VPN website.

 eProcurement Training

Training for eProcurement has been broken down into the sections to demonstrate each feature within the system. Included in each section is a training video, further information and our frequently asked questions.

If you require further training please complete the this (opens in a new window)Training Request Form and we will revert regarding available upcoming sessions or training material releases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I gain access for eProcurement for the first time?

Please click here for information around gaining or amending system access 

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