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The tools, resources and information on this page will help you plan for impact, increasing the likelihood of your research making a positive difference in the world.

Using them, you will be able to identify who in society stands to benefit from your research, work out how you can connect with the right people to create impact, and write more convincingly about the potential impact of your work.

What is impact?

Before you can plan for your own impact, you need to know what it is. Our introductory page offers definitions, describes the various different types of impact that research can have, and explains why it’s in your interest to think about impact. Read more >

UCD Impact Planning Canvas

Our Canvas, instructional video, and worked examples will walk you step-by-step through the process of planning for impact. Read more >

Click here to download the Canvas as a PDF

Impact journey

Take a look at some concrete examples of the impact journeys taken by researchers at UCD. Read more >

How to write an effective impact section

Jump ahead to our Communicate section to learn what makes a compelling impact section in a funding proposal. Incorporate meaningful impact planning and give yourself the best chance of being funded. Read more >

Training opportunities

At UCD, we offer various workshops and seminars on impact planning. To find out more, please contact our Research Impact Officer.

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