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Hybrid Meeting Rooms Initiative & DTEN rollout

Monday, 14 November, 2022

Over 40 meeting rooms across UCD are now equipped with new DTEN interactive screens, as the rollout of hybrid meeting technology across campus continues.

The Hybrid Meeting Rooms Initiative is managed by the Enterprise Applications Group (EAG) of UCD IT Services. This initiative has held two rounds of applications for funding to equip UCD schools and units with their own DTEN screen.

The new DTEN screens enable the UCD community to use Zoom Rooms, the hybrid meeting technology from Zoom. This enables on-site and online attendees to engage effectively in a shared dynamic meeting - for example, by displaying each on-site attendee in the room individually and automatically tracking whoever is speaking. The DTEN touch-screen and voice-activated control options, plus its wireless screen-sharing feature, mean no remote control or cables are required.

The Hybrid Meeting Rooms Initiative also allows colleagues across UCD to find and book DTEN-equipped rooms, by liaising with the local room owner before booking it through their UCD Google Calendar.

For more information on how to get a DTEN screen for a hybrid meeting room in your UCD area, and on the background to this initiative, see our Hybrid Meeting Rooms Initiative web page.

To see how to book and use a UCD DTEN meeting room screen, read our Knowledge Base article on the UCD IT Support Hub: How do I book and use a DTEN meeting room screen?

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