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Campus Services

We provide a range of services and systems that support the work of other service providers across the UCD campus.

Sports & Fitness Membership

This system, accessed via the Systems tab in InfoHub and the Campus tab in SISWeb, provides options to assist in the management of UCD Gym & Swim membership. Students can register, complete induction and pay for swim access all online. Management reports such as car registration, membership profiles, gym timetables are all available via the web.

On-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is available in several locations on the UCD campus and is managed by UCD Residences. This service provides student applicants with the ability to book a room in the residences or join a waitlist if no rooms are available. It provides online facilities, via the UCD Residences item under the Campus tab in SISWeb, for completing their induction, paying their fees, logging maintenance requests and managing guest bookings. Staff can administer the system via Accommodation Management under the Systems tab in InfoHub to comply with the University accommodation policy and manage the room booking process.

Locker Management

This service enables students to rent a locker using their Ucard, via the My Ucard tab in SISWeb. There is also an administrative component to the system, via Ucard Management under the Systems tab in InfoHub, which provides administrators with details of which students have rented lockers and amounts paid for locker rental.

Clubs & Societies Management

This is a facility that enables clubs & societies to record details of their members and communicate with them using Targeted Communications. Students with the appropriate rights access the service under the Campus menu in SISWeb. The system also provides reporting for the university on membership of UCD clubs & societies, which is available under the Students tab in InfoHub.

Access Control

This service provides reporting and enables administration of UCD's Access Control system. Information stored in the Identity Management System is synchronised with the Access Control system to enable users to access buildings as required. An example of where this is used is to manage access to the Sport & Fitness Centre.


This relates to a range of services around the use of Ucard for payment of various on-campus items, and for access to residences and other campus buildings. For students, the service is found on the My Ucard tab in SISWeb for students and InfoHub for staff. Administrative services are accessed via the Ucard Management item under the Systems tab in InfoHub for users with the required access rights.

Parking Permits - Identity Verification

An Identity Verification Process is provided which is integrated with the outsourced Parking Permit Application process. This enables this application to check back to IDMS to confirm that staff, students or visitors are valid.

UCD IT Services

Computer Centre, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Contact us via the UCD IT Support Hub: www.ucd.ie/ithelp