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Financial Management

We provide the following systems and services that support the Finance function in UCD.

Credit Card Payments

This service is provided through the UCD Finance Office and offers schools and units the facility to accept credit card payments for the goods, services and events that they provide. The service is made available online via a link posted on an individual UCD website, and it is integrated with the finance system to record the income in eFinancials. Reporting is available to the school or unit to monitor the payments received, and the system can be administered via the Electronic Payment Systems menu under the Systems tab in InfoHub, depending on the user's access rights.

eFinancials Integration

This service provides the facility to create and load a journal into the eFinancials Clink tables to be posted to the finance system. It runs automatically for the different sources, and can integrate with any compatible SQL database via database links. It is located under the eFinancials Linker menu item in the Finance Office Services & Reports section of the Finance Tab in InfoHub.

Electronic Payments

Electronic Payments provides a facility to make payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to students. Payments can be loaded manually into the system or directly from either the Banner student system or the Accommodation system. Students can access Electronic Payments via the My Electronics Payments item under the Campus Facilities tab in SISWeb, and can then see the payments that have been made to them and update their bank account details. Staff can access it via the Electronic Payments System item under the Systems tab in InfoHub, depending on the user's access rights.

Internal Charging Management

This is an online system that stores utility data and recharges the costs of utilities from service providers between specified UCD schools and units. Access, when granted by the UCD Finance Office, is via the Finance tab in InfoHub. The system will also allow single Fund Transfer Requests to be managed online. It initially provides for managing the transfer of funds involving the major utilities (power, phones and franking) and is designed to manage two specific requirements in terms of processing fund transfer transactions: Bulk Upload Recharging of Utilities and Services, and Ad Hoc Recharging.

Ucard Payments

Ucard is a service that allows staff, students and visitors to UCD to pay for goods on campus at the participating outlets using their UCD ID card. Users top up their card with money, either online or with the top-up machines on campus. For more information, see the My Ucard section on InfoHub and SISWeb.

Staff Expenses Management

The Conference Allowances report suite shows information relating to staff claims against their allowances. College Principals and Heads of School and Unit can view current staff who have a conference allowance and historic claims against conference allowances over the past number of years. Individual staff can see their own conference allowance details, including claims, under My Staff Profile in InfoHub, and the UCD Conference Allowance Policy and related details are available from UCD Human Resources.

Expense remittance notifications are all now processed online via InfoHub. Staff receive an email through Targeted Communications to notify them when their expense claim has been processed.

UCD IT Services

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