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Student Registration & Records

We provide the following systems that support the work of UCD Registry and enable UCD students to manage their student record, pay fees, and access other essential information.

Student Record Management
  • Banner SIS (Student Information System) is the application used in the University to support the management of programmes and modules as well as the administration of students throughout their time in UCD. It is supplied by the company Ellucian.
  • SISWeb allows UCD students to register and pay their fees online, find lecture and exam timetables and examination past papers online, view any holds that might be on their record, and access their full student record details.
  • Infohub has a Student tab with the UView Student Enquiry for staff use and a suite of operational reports and management reports.

Student Registration

Student Registration can be access via SISWeb under My Registration. This is where the student agrees to the terms and conditions of the University, confirms their registration, confirms their personal details, pays fees, uploads their photo and registers to their modules for the coming semester.

Class Lists

Class Lists, found via the My Class Lists or the All Class Lists under the Students tab in InfoHub, are operational reports that are used by academic and administrative staff throughout the academic year. Listings are provided at programme, major and module level. In all cases, users are presented with a summary of the class lists relevant to their school or college, and can drill down to view details of the students. Additional features include the ability to send emails and view student photos.

Module class lists also provide a link to the relevant module timetable, as well as the module descriptor.

Student Orientation Management

Student orientation management can be found under the Student Support menu. This system enables staff to add Orientation events and allocate offerings of these events to students groups. A general student orientation timetable and a personalised timetable is then produced for the student.

Student Electronic Documents Management

Students can request a printed copy of official UCD documents or download them in .pdf format via the My Official Documents section under the Registration tab in SISWeb. The .pdf version can then be given to third parties who can verify the authenticity of the document by going to www.ucd.ie/verify.

Fees and Grants Management

Students can access their Programme Fee Account and view their transactions and make payments. This is done in SISWeb via the Registration tab, then clicking on Fees and Assessment, and finally going to Programme Fees and Payment

Staff can use the Fees and Grants menu in InfoHub (located under Registry Services and Reporting via the Students tabs) to assist in managing the student account, including processing SUSI Grants, holds on student accounts, internal fee transfers, and reconciliation of credit card receipts.

Collaborative Programme Management

UCD fosters collaborative programmes and exchange arrangements with leading universities around the world. To facilitate this, under Registry Tasks in the Registry Services tab in InfoHub, staff can generate or amend a person and student record, as well as add degree records and GPA awards.

Conferring Management

Located in the Systems tab in InfoHub, Conferring Management has two main functions:

1. Conferring staff can manage information about conferring ceremonies:

  • Maintain capacity, date, time and location of the ceremony and reception
  • Upload ceremony-specific documentation (for download by graduands)
  • Generate automatic (e-mail) invitations to graduands
  • Real-time graduand response tracking

2. Graduands, upon receipt of their invitation, have access to:

  • Confirm their attendance/absence at the conferring ceremony
  • Order additional guest tickets (subject to capacity) on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Download their conferring pack, including ceremony-specific documentation, car park pass and guest tickets

Student Contact Relationship Management

The Student Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system is used to record all interaction with an individual student, including online, telephone or in-person contact. It is also a one-stop shop of student information giving details of the student's academic information, recruitment leads and enquiries, applications, events, scholarships and email history, right through the student lifecycle.

  • Students with queries about SISWeb can contact the UCD Student Desk.
  • Staff with queries about Banner or SISWeb can contact (opens in a new window)systems.data@ucd.ie 
  • Staff with queries about InfoHub can contact the relevant report owners via the contact details at the foot of each screen.

UCD IT Services

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Contact us via the UCD IT Support Hub: www.ucd.ie/ithelp