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Student Services & Support

We provide the following systems that support students during their time in UCD and beyond.

Class Profiles

The Class Profiles system, located in the Student Onboarding section under the Students tab in InfoHub, allows incoming MBA students to create an online profile. These online profiles provide support for networking with the MBA class, as well as information to lecturers on the prior experience and background of their class so that content can be tailored to the needs of each specific cohort. The information is available online and also as a downloadable PDF.

Clinical Placements Management

The Clinical Placements Management system provides a facility for programmes that include a clinical placement component, to record details of placement providers and to allocate students to providers either based on student preferences or based upon direct application by the student. It is located for staff via the Students tab in InfoHub, and for students via the Programme Services tab in SISWeb.

This system also provides students with a report in SISWeb detailing the placements that have been completed, and their standing in terms of having completed the placement requirement for their programme. Management reporting is also available from the system, including information on numbers of placements being accepted by the various placement providers.

Exams Support

For students who have registered with UCD Access and Lifelong Learning (ALL), the My Exam Supports screen, located under the Registration, Fees & Assessment tab in SISWeb, shows any exam supports that they are entitled to.

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring system provides a facility for existing students to submit an application to become a peer mentor, and for Student Advisers and Student Engagement Officers to allocate incoming first years to approved peer mentors. It is located for staff via the Students tab in InfoHub, and for students via the Programme Services tab in SISWeb.

To provide greater engagement, the service provides first year students with a report in SISWeb detailing the name, contact details, photo and welcome message of their peer mentor. Peer Mentors are provided with a report detailing the name, contact details and photo of their mentees.

Student Assistance Applications

This system, located under the Students tab in InfoHub, manages online applications by students for various student welfare funds. The committee involved in making decisions has access to online applications and associated documentation. Student advocates also have access to the system. The system provides administrative staff with a detailed analysis of funding awards.

Student Health Payments Management

This service enables students to view details of their student health account and make payments online; it is available to them via the Campus Facilities tab in SISWeb. For staff in the Student Health Centre, who can access this service via the Students tab in InfoHub, they can also view details of student accounts and process payments. Management reporting is available showing demographic analysis of Health Centre attendees, as well as analysis of payments and charges outstanding. 

Co-curricular Awards

This system enables students to submit applications for Co-Curricular awards relating to work they have done during their studies. Internal administrators can view and process applications, and external employers can access the system in a limited way to verify experience that students have submitted.

Work Placements Management

Completion of work placements is a requirement in certain programmes. This system enables students to apply for their placements via SISWeb, and enables staff in programme offices to view details of placements that students have completed and to update information as required. It is located for staff via the Students tab in InfoHub, and for students via the Programme Services tab in SISWeb.

Extenuating Circumstances Management

This system enables students and staff to submit, manage and track applications for Extenuating Circumstances in the assessment of modules.

Students can access it via the Programme Services tab in SISWeb and can use it to:

- Apply to have their Extenuating Circumstances taken into consideration

- Submit evidence in support of their application

- View the current status of their application

Programme Office staff can access it via the Extenuating Circumstances menu under Assessment and Grading in the Students tab in InfoHub, and can use it to:

- Submit an application on behalf of a student on one of their programmes

- Assign applications to the relevant module coordinators and schools

- Track progress of applications in their own area

- Use various reports to prepare for committee and exam board meetings

Record decisions or actions arising from committee and exam board meetings

Designated staff in schools or on committees have various reports available to them to facilitate managing applications in their area.

Module Coordinators can access it via the Assessment and Grading menu under the Students tab in InfoHub, and they can use it to view and record decisions and actions for applications assigned to them.

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Alumni Membership Management

This is an online service that allows alumni to purchase Alumni Membership on an annual basis, which will give then an Alumni ID Card and access to the UCD Library.

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