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Video Management with YuJa Inc

Video Management with YuJa Inc

Enterprise video management in education refers to the use of technology and tools to manage, distribute, and access video content . This can include video lectures, instructional videos, recorded presentations, and other educational video resources. Enterprise video management systems typically offer a range of features and capabilities to support the use of video in education, such as:

  • Video hosting and streaming: Enterprise video management systems often provide a platform for hosting and streaming educational videos. This can include hosting on the system's own servers or using a third-party hosting provider.
  • Video transcoding: Many enterprise video management systems can automatically convert videos into different formats and resolutions to ensure that they can be viewed on a variety of devices and platforms.
  • Video captioning: creating and managing closed captions or subtitles for educational videos, which can be important for accessibility.
  • Video analytics: Enterprise video management systems provide analytics and reporting tools to help educators track how their videos are being used and viewed by students.
  • Video security: security features such as encryption and password protection to ensure that educational videos are only accessible to authorised users.

Enterprise video management can help educators manage and distribute educational video resources more efficiently, while also providing tools for tracking and improving their effectiveness.

Enterprise Video Management in UCD

After a successful pilot project, YuJa Inc is the Enterprise Video Management solution in UCD, and from January 2023 will be available within all modules in our VLE Brightspace. Instructors can store, upload and share video or media content to their module in a more streamlined manner. 

Support information for YuJa Inc is available in the (opens in a new window)UCD IT Services Knowledge Base or via the (opens in a new window)YuJa Support Information

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