Project Update (June, 2021)

The deployment and migration of handsets to the new telephone system in staff offices is almost complete. 

This new system will pave the way for Unified Communications bringing together voice, messaging, telephone conferencing and integrated voicemail and email, transforming the way we work at UCD.

Here you will find FAQ's, handset user guides and contact information if you require assistance with the new telephone system.


What is my phone pin?

You can find this PIN in InfoHub under My Profile/View Telephone PIN.

My phone's number is incorrect

If your extension number is incorrect you need to log-out of the phone (select Menu icon / Applications / Log out) and login using your extension number for the Username and your extension's Password.

I do not know my phone's password

If you do not know your extension Password you can contact to retrieve it.

How do I login to my phone?

You can login to a phone using your extension number for the username and your extension's PIN. There is no need to move phones if moving office location. You can view your phone's PIN on Infohub under My Profile and clicking on View Telephone PIN.

How do I logout of a phone?

You can logout of any extension number by selecting the Menu icon / Applications / Log out

How do I login to voicemail?

You can login to your voicemail by dialling 2000 from your phone and entering your voicemail password when prompted.

If you do not know your voicemail password you can contact

When I lift the receiver I see "phone is only available for dialling emergency numbers" message

This message is visible if your phone is not logged in.

After dialling a number I see an "Experiencing Signal Delays" message

If you see "Experiencing Signal Delays" you should just wait one moment for the call to connect.

I have two offices with different numbers, can I use one number for both?

Yes, you can login with the same number in multiple locations. If logged in in two locations concurrently, calls to your number will ring on both phones and connect to the one that you answer.

I am experiencing poor audio on calls

If you experience poor audio or crackling noise on a call check that your network cable from the phone to the network point on the wall appears connected correctly and in good condition. If the issue persists please contact

How do I access voicemail?

To access your messaging mailbox dial 2000 from your handset and enter your 8 digit voicemail password when prompted. If you are using another phone to your own after dialling 2000 press * and enter your extension number followed by your voicemail password when prompted.

I receive a "that is an invalid mailbox" message when trying to access voicemail

You can receive this message if you did not use your 4 digit phone number when asked to enter your mailbox number or if your extension does not yet have a voicemail account set-up. You can request activation of voicemail by email

I'm having difficulty setting a new voicemail password

When you login to your voicemail for the first time it will prompt you to set a new Password. This password needs to be 8 digits and must not have consecutive numbers such as 12345678 or 11223344.

Softphone coming soon..

As part of the migration to the new Avaya telephone system we are pleased to announce that a new core feature of this unified communications platform will soon be available to UCD staff. The Avaya Softphone application facilitates remote working, enabling you to connect to the UCD telephone system remotely and use your 4-digit UCD telephone extension as if you are in the office. You will be able to make and receive calls from your Windows 10 or Mac OS laptop or PC.

The application also allows users to set their availability to take calls and call diverts e.g. to voicemail. The application can be logged-into and logged-out of as desired.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the changes to the telephone system please email and a member of the project team will be in contact.