New UCD telephony system

In partnership with UCD Estate Services, the UCD telephony service is moving to a new home with IT Services.

IT Services will be delivering a new phone and communications system in 2020/21. This will be a complete system upgrade with new handsets replacing the existing phone on your desk.

The new system will pave the way for Unified Communications bringing together voice, messaging, video conferencing and integrated voicemail and email, transforming the way we work at UCD.

Update on handset deployment, January, 2021

The Government introduction of Level 5 restrictions on 30th December 2020 has impacted the deployment of new handsets with the handset installation teams unable to attend site. At present approximately 3,000 (75%) handsets have been deployed. The deployment of the remaining handsets will recommence once possible.

The new handsets are not currently live and users can still use their existing Nortel phone for voice calls when on site.
The migration to the new handsets will be carried out on a phased basis building-by-building following the completion of the handset deployment.

What is Happening?

IT Services are introducing a new university-wide Telephony and Unified Communications service to meet the current and future communications needs of the UCD Community. Work has already started and we will shortly be in contact with School and Unit heads to begin planning for the replacement of phone sets at offices/workstations.

Initially we will concentrate on the deployment of the handsets required to maintain the current level of service. After that, we will add on additional Unified Communications features which will provide further functionality and flexibility in the way we work at UCD.

What are the benefits?

  • It will replace the existing ‘end of life’ service.
  • The new service will be a platform for deploying complementary unified communications features which will help to transform the way we work at UCD.
  • It will provide operational efficiencies gained through the elimination of redundant extensions and reduction of network infrastructure.






  • The new standard handset will support phone number identification.
  • All UCD sites will be brought under the same system, meaning that calls to remote sites will be treated as internal calls, both free of charge and under the common numbering scheme.


When is this happening?

The new solution will be rolled out across the University over the next 12 months.

As the project progresses a detailed breakdown of the schedule for each location will be provided here.

  • October/November 2019 Data Gathering - IT Services will be contacting Schools and Units directly to gather their high-level telephony requirements.
  • November 2019 Data Validation - IT Services will have follow-up 1:1 session with each School and Unit to gather and confirm their detailed telephony requirements.
  • April – May 2020 System Pilot - Pilot of the new Telephony System.
  • June - September 2020 Installation and configuration of core telephony equipment.
  • November 2020 Begin deployment of new handsets to staff offices / desks.

Telephone handset deployment

Beginning Monday, 9 November our project team will visit each location and install a new handset. IT Services will communicate with the staff in each building via email before visiting offices. We expect this phase to take approximately two months to complete.

A member of the project team will visit your office, install the new handset and network cable, perform a phone test to ensure that the network is configured correctly, remove all packaging and secure the office when leaving.

This new handset will not be fully functional at this stage and your existing phone will continue to work as normal. Where possible your new phone will be connected to the network point via your PC. This configuration will not affect the operation or connection speed of your desktop computer. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the changes to the telephone system please email and a member of the project team will be in contact.