Our Research

There is a long-standing tradition of research in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, dating back over 100 years to the pioneering work of Arthur Conway in Algebra and Relativity and William McFadden Orr in Fluid Mechanics and Spectral Theory. The school today continues in this tradition and fosters collaborative research across the Mathematical Sciences and also, excellence in diverse but specific fields, ranging from Real Algebra to Relativity.

The School is ranked first nationally for research in Mathematics and Statistics and Operations Research, and features in the World’s top 150 universities in these subjects also. The school comprises a diverse international faculty of about 50 permanent academic staff covering a large area of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Mathematics, and Statistics. 

Since 2013, the school has been located in the €175m O’Brien Centre for Science at the heart of the Belfield Campus.  This has facilitated collaboration between the School and a range of world-leading interdisciplinary institutes, including the Earth Institute, the Energy Institute, and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

The school receives extensive support for its research from industry, national funding agencies, and European funding agencies.  The school currently hosts two ERC grant-holders, two Marie-Curie fellows, and acts as a node for one Marie-Curie Research Innovation Staff Exchange.  The school also supports basic and fundamental research across the Mathematical Sciences from its own resources, and every year commits to supporting visiting lecturers, distinguished speakers, and talented research students, the latter through the school’s well-established Research Demonstratorship programme.