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Research Project 1

The following is a report of UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate students' perceptions of online learning during the initial period of the COVID-19 pandemic move to remote learning.

Research Project 2

The Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network is very proud to announce the online launch of 

An audit of Mathematics Learning Support provision on the island of Ireland in 2015.

Funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, this report offers the most comprehensive insight yet into the nature and extent of mathematics learning support (MLS) provision in higher education in Ireland. The audit covered higher education providers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and had an extensive scope of questions and a very high response rate of 97% – 30 from 31 HEIs responded. The report’s recommendations are targeted at MLS practitioners, researchers and education policy makers and are believed to be achievable in the short to medium term.
We hope that this report is of interest and benefit to colleagues involved in the provision of mathematics/statistics teaching and MLS.

Research Project 3

The following paper and poster were presented at CERME10 in Croke Park in February 2017.

Research Project 4

The following paper was presented at CETL-MSOR in Greenwich, London in September 2015. 

Research Project 5

The following paper was presented at Adults Learning Mathematics in Washingtom DC in July 2015.

Research Project 6

The following three papers are joint works of Nuala Curley and Maria Meehan and are based on Nuala's PhD research into Maths Support Centre data.

  1. The challenge of collecting useful qualitative data on students’ visits to a Mathematics Support Centre at a University in Ireland presented at The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics held in Dublin in February 2015.
  2. Qualitative data collected on mathematical difficulties experienced by students in a mathematical support centre produce a surprising result? presented at The CETL-MSOR conference held in Greenwich London in September 2015.
  3. Most commonly occurring mathematical difficulties - eight weeks in the life of a Maths Support Centre presented at The CETL-MSOR conference held Loughborough, UK in September 2016.

The three papers from research project 6 are based on Nuala Curley's PhD and the research proposal below:

A research project using data collected from the Maths Support Centre (MSC) database will be undertaken by Mrs Nuala Curley School of Mathematical Sciences.

Title of the research:

Identifying university students' mathematical “trouble-spots” and developing effective supports: an analysis of Maths Support Centre Data.

What is this research about?

When students encounter difficulties with mathematics and statistics at university, particularly in first year, it is often due to a lack of knowledge, or proficiency in, basic mathematical skills. This research aims firstly, to identify and classify these basic skills, by gathering and analyzing data collected in the MSC; and secondly, to develop supports, online or otherwise, to help students in these basic areas. 

Why am I doing this research?

With approximately 4,750 visits to the MSC in 2012-2013, it is of strategic importance that we can identify and classify the major areas of students’ mathematical difficulty, in order to develop and provide effective supports. 

How will the data be used?

Each student completes a log-in form every time they visit the MSC. After each student’s visit, the MSC tutor  enters into the same database, the topic and area of difficulty for which the student sought support. It is the data from this database that we will analyze. 

What will happen if a student decides not to take part in this research study?

It will not affect the support offered to the student in the MSC.

How will your privacy be protected?  

Your name or student number will not appear nor will you be identifiable in any way neither in the research project nor in any subsequent papers written.

What are the benefits of taking part in this research study?

There is a long-term benefit in that your participation in this research should enable us to more effectively support students in the MSC in the future.

What are the risks of taking part in this research study?

There are no risks for participants associated with this research.

Can you change your mind at any stage and withdraw from the study?

Certainly, that option is available to you at anytime. You can withdraw your consent by ticking that you disagree on the log-in form in the MSC.

How will you find out what happens with this project?  

When the research is complete a link will be made available on www.ucd.ie/msc/research 

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this research. 

Please email me if you wish for any further details. 

My email address is (opens in a new window)nuala.curley@ucd.ie

DADM Survey

Using Learning Analytics to aid student success: Claire Mullen PhD student

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