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All our tutors are trained and experienced tutors. Many are Masters or PhD students in mathematics, statistics or applied mathematics and we currently have five doctors working as MSC tutors. They are trained to use peer-assisted tutoring techniques and are also required to do our own in-house MSC tutor training. The idea is that we guide the student to a self-directed learning path and we do not simply do the problems for the student. Every student is different with a variety of learning styles and our tutors are sensitive to this and can adapt accordingly.

Andrew Gloster

Andrew is currently a second year PhD student in the School of Mathematics and Statistics studying numerical simulations of compressible flow. He graduated from UCD in 2015 with a BSc in Theoretical Physics and in 2016 completed an MSc at Imperial College London. When not tutoring or studying for his PhD he can be found shouting at the TV watching Munster rugby.
Andrew can provide help with all ACM and most MATH modules in first and second year and he can also help students with the following software packages: MATLAB, Python, C/C++, FORTRAN, Excel, Tex.

Aidan Long

Hi! My name is Aidan and I have recently graduated with a joint degree in Mathematics and Applied & Computational Mathematics. Mathematics is something that has always fascinated me and I have always enjoyed solving problems. I have taken part in the peer mentor programme and really enjoy offering help to those who would like it and seeing people make improvements. I would be more than happy to help with any questions from your MATH modules, ACM modules or mathematics based modules. As a person who did not always "get" mathematics, I understand how daunting it can sometimes be, so want to help you succeed and enjoy the different areas of the subject. I am currently taking a year out but wanted to continue learning and helping others in the fields of my degree.

I can also offer help with Python, MATLAB and LaTex.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

I have a PhD in Mathematics from UCD, with my general area of research being functional analysis. In particular, I study the geometry of infinite dimensional vector spaces consisting of polynomials, whatever that means. However you don't want to know that! What you do want to know is that I have ten years experience of lecturing and tutoring both at UCD, TCD and at The Open University and in all that time I have never met a person who can't do maths - I have only met people who think that they can't do it! Of course if you want to prove me wrong, then you will have to come along to the MSC and have a go!

Benjamin Leather

Hi, my name is Ben. I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2018 with an MPhys in Theoretical Physics and I am now a PhD student in the UCD Relativity group studying General Relativity and Gravitational Waves. Put simply, I try to solve complicated problems in theoretical physics so hopefully I can give you some insight with any mathematical problems you might be having. As well as being a tutor for the Maths Support Centre, I also work as a tutor for the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Aside from work I enjoy my sport, particularly cricket, and I am also a season ticket holder at Manchester City. Feel free to come along and ask me all of your Maths, ACM and Physics questions. Programming can be as frustrating as maths at times so if you need any help with C++/C, Mathematica, Python or even LaTeX, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Catherine Mahoney

I recently completed a master’s in Statistics in UCD and I am beginning a PhD in statistical genetics.  I have worked as a tutor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics in modules ranging from first-year Introduction to Mathematics to fourth-level statistics, and I have one-on-one tutoring experience in maths from primary school to university level.  I’m delighted to be in the Maths Support Centre to help students solve problems, develop skills to approach new problems themselves, and bridge the gap to university-level mathematics.  Having studied statistics, I love applying mathematical principles to real situations in many different fields, and I try hard to give students that kind of context for the problems they see in class.  When I’m not doing maths, I’m usually on my bike, training and racing with the UCD Cycling Club.

Cesar Hernandez

My name is Cesar and I'm a Mechanical Engineer with a diploma in higher education. I have been tutoring and helping students since I started my undergraduate degree. I have a lot of experience giving grinds to junior cert, leaving cert and first year college students, in addition I have tutored a variety of maths modules in UCD helping science, engineering, agriculture, maths and physics students. In May 2017 I won the "Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Award" at UCD for my work assisting student in the maths support centre.
I strongly believe that any student can excel at maths with some practice and the right help, so don't be afraid to stop by and ask any question that you may have, we are here to help you!

Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy

I am currently in the first year of his statistics PhD in UCD . My areas of study are Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics. I simply love Maths and have done so since the leaving certificate.
My interests in Maths teaching/tutoring mainly revolve about my desire to improve as many attributes and skills as I can during my time in UCD and to give back as much as I can to the Maths department for all of the amazing work they have done for me and continue to do every day I spend here.

Cian Jameson

My name is Cian and I’m a fourth year Mathematics student. I always enjoyed maths at school, but it wasn’t until I came to UCD that I discovered how expansive the subject can be. During my time at UCD, I’ve been a peer mentor and I've volunteered in the Maths Sparks outreach programme for secondary school pupils. As a Science student, I also studied applied maths in my first two years and took first year physics classes, though I can help with mathematics modules and some statistics in particular. If you’re finding the transition to university-level maths a bit overwhelming, or if you just need to brush up on the basics, the Maths Support Centre is a great resource.

Claire Mullen

Hello, my name is Claire and I’m a PhD student, studying Maths Education, specifically learning analytics. I graduated with a BSc in Maths, Applied Maths and Education. My previous experience as a Maths tutor includes working in the Maths Support Centre, the school of Maths and Statistics, in secondary schools, and privately. I’ve always loved Maths and helping others with Maths. I am happy to help with any of your Maths, Stats and ACM questions and I aim to help make your maths learning here at UCD a positive experience. 


Duncan Mathews

Currently an Engineering Masters Student (ME Energy Systems) in my 5th year of STEM education at UCD with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. After 4 years in College I’ve made my fair share of maths errors both fair and silly – so don’t be shy to run a problem by me! I’m happy to help students from all courses with ACM, Statistics and more engineering specific maths problems such as dynamics. I can also help you out with LaTeX, MATLAB, Python, Excel, R and C. Outside of the Maths Support Centre you can find me ranting about the environment & renewable energy, keeping active, and pondering if this bio should be written in the 1st or 3rd person.

Daniel Giles

Daniel Giles

Hey, my name is Dan. I am currently in my first year of a Theoretical Physics PhD on waves, working under Frederic Dias in the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics. Maths and Physics have been my favourite subjects since I started secondary school, and helping others in Maths has been something which I have always enjoyed. I have a lot of experience giving Maths grinds at secondary level and have worked for a grinds company for the past three years. I can try help you with any questions you may have but I specialise in ACM modules and any first year calculus courses.

Dylan Walsh

My name is Dylan Walsh and I'm currently doing a HDip in Maths which will progress into an MA in mathematics in the next six months. I graduated with a BA in Maths and Music Technology from Maynooth University in 2016. I think that maths can be taught to anyone if they have the right guidance and are given the right amount of time to think about the concepts involved. I always tell students that I failed my Junior Cert maths mock exams when I was younger so theres hope for everyone. Outside of academia, you can catch me playing for the frisbee club in UCD and organising various excursions with film society on campus.

Enda Carroll

Hi! My name is Enda and I am second year PhD student researching hydrodynamic turbulence with Assoc. Prof. Miguel Bustamante at the School of Mathematics and Statistics. I completed my undergrad at the University of Limerick, receiving a BSc in Financial Mathematics, before going on to attend UCD where I completed a MSc in Data and Computational Science. My journey through mathematics has not always been smooth sailing, however. In particular, my first and second years of undergrad where I struggled a lot! But, with a little patience, hard work and dedication I got through it – and so can you! From my own struggles and previous tutoring experience I strongly believe anyone can do mathematics. Outside of academia I can be found playing hurling, cheering on Limerick and quoting Father Ted! I can provide assistance with most MATH, ACM or STATS modules.
I can also help you with any of the following programming languages: Matlab, C, R or Python.

Eoinlee Bley

I am currently in my 4th year of my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have led study groups and student run tutorials during my time here in UCD, as well as some private tutoring for MATLAB and leaving cert maths. I should be able to help most first and second year engineering students with most modules i.e. Calculus I & II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mechanics, Dynamics, Fluids, and Heat Transfer. I can't say I won’t be a bit rusty in some topics but I’ll try my hardest to help you with your learning however I can.

Eoinlee can help with the following software packages: MATLAB, Python, Excel.

Eric Neville

My name is Eric and I’m in my fourth year of a degree in Applied & Computational Mathematics. Throughout my time in UCD I’ve been working as an independent tutor for students at both second and third level. I’ve also taken part in the Maths Sparks outreach program, which aims to show students the fun, interesting and useful side of maths. I think I’m in a good position to help UCD students as I’ve just recently completed their modules myself. I can help first and second year students with ACM modules and most MATH modules. I can also offer some help with LaTeX, Python and C/C++.

Hardeep Kaur

I am Hardeep Kaur. I am currently a PhD student carrying out research in the field of complex statistical networks. I have completed my master's in Data and Computational Sciences from UCD and have also completed Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Pure Mathematics. I have  experience of teaching at both School and Undergraduate level. I also have experience of giving grinds on a one-to-one basis. I love doing mathematics and statistics and I'm always willing to share my ideas with my students. The more we share our ideas, the more we practice, the more we learn. So, visit us in the MSC, let's share our ideas, practice and learn mathematics. My favourite topics are: Calculus, Algebra, Differential equations and Optimization. 

Hardeep can also offer assistance in LaTeX, Excel and R.


Jack McNicholl

Hi, my name's Jack, and I'm a graduate in pure maths. I have three years experience giving maths grinds, a year working for the MSC, and have tutored two first-year maths modules. I personally know the value of the Maths Support Centre, since it answered many of my questions in first and second year until I built up the confidence to start talking to my Professors more. I can help with all MATH modules, and most STAT or ACM modules. 
Jack can also offer some assistance with R, Python and Jupyter Notebooks.


Jack O'Connor

Hi! My name is Jack and I'm in my final year studying Mathematics and Applied and Computational Mathematics (a mouthful I know). I loved maths growing up and always relished any opportunity I could get to share that knowledge and beauty with others. I have given grinds to second level students for the last few years and I strongly believe that, with a little effort, everyone can do well at maths! I can help with any applied maths or maths questions you may have, just drop by and ask!

Jack can help you withe the following software packages: Python, Java, C and Mathematica.

Josh Matthews

Currently in my fourth year of theoretical physics. I wasn't especially fond of maths up until studying at UCD and now most of my favourite modules have been ACM modules. I more than understand when students say they are not big fans of maths but having been there myself I know I can help. I specialise in ACM and physics modules and can offer help with Python and LaTex. Outside of academics you'll find me training in the university judo club or outdoors somewhere.

Josh can help you with the following software packages: Python and LaTex.

Kerry Brooks

Hi, my name is Kerry, and I’m a recent graduate of Mathematical Science here in UCD. I always enjoyed maths while I was in school, and so decided to continue studying it in university. I have previous experience as a maths tutor, and have volunteered in the Maths Sparks outreach program for 2 years while in UCD. Through Mathematical Science I got to study a mix of maths, statistics and ACM – so I will try to help you with any questions you have about them. I’m happy to help any first-year students with maths and statistics related questions, just drop in and ask!

I can also help you with R, Python, MATLAB and LaTeX.


Kevin Sewell

Hi, my name is Kevin and I have just finished my Masters in Mathematical Science here in UCD, having done a degree in theoretical physics in Trinity. I conducted a thesis centred on the Maths Support Centre, so I know what is required from the student and the tutor to constitute an effective learning experience. I have loads of experience teaching maths, applied maths and physics at leaving cert (and junior cert) level. Although everyone has different abilities, I believe that everybody can improve at maths, provided they have the right attitude and work ethic. One key is to talk to the tutor, let them know what you know, what you don’t know and what you want to know. My areas of study are mainly applied mathematics, having done mostly ACM modules in my Masters. I’m happy to help as best as I can anybody doing an ACM module or a MATH module that is not beyond what I’ve studied in my 5 years of 3rd level education.

Kevin can help you with the following software packages: Mathematica and Latex.

Leanne Durkan

My name is Leanne and I've just started my PhD in Gravitational Waves with the School of Mathematics and Statistics. I graduated from UCD in 2016 with a BSc in Theoretical Physics. Throughout my final year of undergrad I worked at a mathematics tutoring center in Dublin and since then I've worked in Vietnam, completed a Masters in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and I also worked as a maths and physics teacher at a summer school in Saudi Arabia this year. When I'm not working I enjoy mountaineering, cycling and art.

Leanne can help you with the following software packages: Matlab, Python, C, Excel and Tex.

Philip Lynch

Hi, I'm Philip. I am a student here in UCD and just recently received my BSc in Theoretical Physics. This means I’ve been where you’ve been, studying the same modules for the first time, so I know just how daunting it can be. But I survived them all and I’m now a PhD student in Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM), studying General Relativity and Gravitational Waves. I now also work as a tutor for the School of Mathematics and Statistics, teaching those same modules that I struggled with only a few years ago. I’ve also worked as a tutor for the School of Physics, so I’ve had the unique opportunity to see both sides of the learning experience here in UCD. When I’m not working, you can find me in the gym or on the Judo mats. Feel free to come along and ask me all of your Maths, ACM and Physics questions. I’m also a fan of programming, so I can help out with C++, C#, Python, Mathematica and LaTeX.

Prabhleen Kaur

Hi, my name is Prabhleen and I am a PhD student in data science at UCD. I have a masters degree in pure mathematics from University of Delhi, India and in data and computational science from UCD. I enjoy applying mathematical and statistical concepts to work out data driven problems. I have worked as an occasional lecturer as well as a secondary school math teacher and have been tutoring at the UCD Maths Support Centre and at the School of Mathematics and Statistics for the past 2 years. My passion for teaching enables me to express complicated mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner. Please feel free to drop by the Maths Support Centre and ask me for assistance. I would love to try and help you out with any topic in math, stats and applied math modules. Outside of academia, I enjoy yoga and cooking. 

Prabhleen can help you with the following software packages: R, Python, Mathematica, MATLAB, Octave.


Silas O'Toole

Hi, my name is Silas. I am a 4th year theoretical physics student. I love teaching maths and have been doing so for the past two years through private tuition. While I specialize in the more applied maths areas and computationally based questions such as calculus or basic linear algebra I can certainly try to help with everything else. I am also able to help with any maths and physics related questions. I also have some experience with programming languages such as Python.

Silas can help you with the following software package: Python.

Siofra Herr

My name is Síofra, I have a BSc in Engineering Science, having studied mechanical engineering for three years in UCD. I am now going into the final year of my Masters in energy systems engineering here in UCD. I have given maths grinds to students for both junior and leaving cert honours level maths. I really enjoy breaking maths problems down into more manageable sized chunks and seeing the satisfaction students get from understanding the problem fully and feeling confident in solving them. I can help with engineering maths, physics, and mechanics modules. I can also help with other introductory statistics, linear algebra and calculus courses.

I can help with: Python, Matlab and C.

Siúin O'Riordan

My name is Siúin and I have recently graduated from the Energy Systems Engineering Masters in UCD. I have tutored  Calculus for Engineers and Linear Algebra 1 in UCD. I enjoy working through problems and helping students as much as I can.  My undergraduate degree was in Theoretical Physics in UCD so I can help 1st year Science or Engineering students, in particular with ACM modules, basic Linear Algebra and Calculus and I will do my best to help with any other student. I also have some experience with Python and Excel.