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Tutor Biographies

Tutor Biographies

All our tutors are trained and experienced tutors. Many are Masters or PhD students in mathematics, statistics or applied mathematics. They are trained to use peer-assisted tutoring techniques and are also required to do our own in-house MSC tutor training. The idea is that we guide the student to a self-directed learning path and we do not simply do the problems for the student. Every student is different with a variety of learning styles and our tutors are sensitive to this and can adapt accordingly.

Aidan Long

Hi! My name is Aidan and I have recently graduated with a joint degree in Mathematics and Applied & Computational Mathematics. Mathematics is something that has always fascinated me and I have always enjoyed solving problems. I have taken part in the peer mentor programme and really enjoy offering help to those who would like it and seeing people make improvements. I would be more than happy to help with any questions from your MATH modules, ACM modules or mathematics based modules. As a person who did not always "get" mathematics, I understand how daunting it can sometimes be, so want to help you succeed and enjoy the different areas of the subject. I am currently taking a year out but wanted to continue learning and helping others in the fields of my degree.

I can also offer help with Python, MATLAB and LaTex.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

I have a PhD in Mathematics from UCD, with my general area of research being functional analysis. In particular, I study the geometry of infinite dimensional vector spaces consisting of polynomials, whatever that means. However you don't want to know that! What you do want to know is that I have ten years experience of lecturing and tutoring both at UCD, TCD and at The Open University and in all that time I have never met a person who can't do maths - I have only met people who think that they can't do it! Of course if you want to prove me wrong, then you will have to come along to the MSC and have a go!

Catherine Mahoney

I recently completed a PhD in statistical genetics. I have worked as a tutor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics in modules ranging from first-year Introduction to Mathematics to fourth-level statistics, and I have one-on-one tutoring experience in maths from primary school to university level. I’m delighted to be in the Maths Support Centre to help students solve problems, develop skills to approach new problems themselves, and bridge the gap to university-level mathematics. Having studied statistics, I love applying mathematical principles to real situations in many different fields, and I try hard to give students that kind of context for the problems they see in class. When I’m not doing maths, I’m usually on my bike, training and racing with the UCD Cycling Club.

Ciara Murphy

Hi, my name is Ciara Murphy and I am in the first year of my PhD looking at maths education at undergraduate level. I recently finished my undergraduate degree in pure maths in UCD so am very aware of both the fun and potential challenges associated with studying maths at university. I am more than happy to help with any MATH modules and will also give any ACM or STAT modules a go!

Ciaran Kavanagh

My name is Ciaran and I am a third-year student studying Theoretical Physics. Problem solving has always been a passion of mine and working together with people to solve problems has always been very engaging to me. During my first two years in college I gave grinds outside of college hours and found it to be very rewarding, now at the Maths Support Centre I can continue doing just that. I have completed almost all the Math’s, Stats and ACM modules from first and second year and can help with some physics questions as well if that is what you need.

Claire Bergin

I am currently in the second year of a PhD programme, specialising in Wave Breaking, an area of Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM). Maths has been my favourite subject since primary school. I enjoy helping others and sharing my love for the subject. Since I started studying in UCD I have been giving grinds to secondary school students. I have also taken part in maths outreach programmes in UCD such as Maths Sparks. I specialise in ACM and particularly like calculus, however, I will try and help you with any maths query you have.

Claire can help with the following software package: Python.

Claire Mullen

Hello, my name is Claire and I’m a PhD student, studying Maths Education, specifically learning analytics. I graduated with a BSc in Maths, Applied Maths and Education. My previous experience as a Maths tutor includes working in the Maths Support Centre, the school of Maths and Statistics, in secondary schools, and privately. I’ve always loved Maths and helping others with Maths. I am happy to help with any of your Maths, Stats and ACM questions and I aim to help make your maths learning here at UCD a positive experience. 

CJ Clarke

​​Hi, my name is CJ and I am a PhD student with the SFI Centre for Research Training in Foundations of Data Science in UCD. I graduated from UCD in 2020 with a BSc in Mathematics and in 2021 I completed my MSc in Data and Computational Science. My PhD research focuses on Latent Variable Models for Collections of Networks, putting me in the area of Statistical Network Analysis. I have been working as a tutor in the MSC and in the School of Mathematics and Statistics since 2021. I am happy to help students with STAT modules and most MATH modules. I am also happy to provide help with R programming, Python programming and LaTeX. Academics aside, I enjoy baking and walking my dog!

Enda Carroll

Hi! My name is Enda and I am second year PhD student researching hydrodynamic turbulence with Assoc. Prof. Miguel Bustamante at the School of Mathematics and Statistics. I completed my undergrad at the University of Limerick, receiving a BSc in Financial Mathematics, before going on to attend UCD where I completed a MSc in Data and Computational Science. My journey through mathematics has not always been smooth sailing, however. In particular, my first and second years of undergrad where I struggled a lot! But, with a little patience, hard work and dedication I got through it – and so can you! From my own struggles and previous tutoring experience I strongly believe anyone can do mathematics. Outside of academia I can be found playing hurling, cheering on Limerick and quoting Father Ted! I can provide assistance with most MATH, ACM or STATS modules.
I can also help you with any of the following programming languages: Matlab, C, R or Python.

Hardeep Kaur

I am Hardeep Kaur. I am currently a PhD student carrying out research in the field of complex statistical networks. I have completed my master's in Data and Computational Sciences from UCD and have also completed Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Pure Mathematics. I have  experience of teaching at both School and Undergraduate level. I also have experience of giving grinds on one-to-one basis. I love doing mathematics and statistics and I'm always willing to share my ideas with my students. The more we share our ideas, the more we practice, the more we learn. So, visit us in the MSC, let's share our ideas, practice and learn mathematics. My favourite topics are: Calculus, Algebra, Differential equations and Optimization. 

Hardeep can also offer assistance in LaTeX, Excel and R.

Laura Craig

Hi there! My name is Laura and I'm currently a MSc. Statistics student in UCD, having completed my BSc. Applied Mathematics in Maynooth University. I have always found math to be fascinating. I love helping others to understand Math; encouraging them to ask questions and be confident that they can solve problems. I tutored in Maynooth University while I completed my undergrad in Applied Math and I have done some private tutoring also. When my head isn't stuck in a book, I love being in nature and dabbling in watercolours.

Matt Nagle

Hi, my name is Matt and I am a third year PhD student doing Data Science. I did my undergraduate in UCC where I graduated top of my class with a joint first class honours in Applied Maths and Physics. I have worked as a Leaving Cert tutor as well as a tutor in the Maths and Statistics department in UCD. I am passionate about using visualisations wherever possible in my explanations, I often find that a tricky mathematical concept can be explained much more easily using a picture and/or a graph. Please feel free to drop by the Maths Support Centre and ask me for assistance. I would love to try and help you out with any topic in maths, stats, applied maths or programming. Outside of academia, I love cooking, going to the gym, playing sports and the cinema.
Matt can help you with the following software packages: Python, R

Maya D'Mello

Hi, my name is Maya, and I am from Philadelphia (USA)! I am a master’s student in the Data and Computational Science program at UCD. I previously studied Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Pittsburgh. As someone who also utilized math support centers and tutoring throughout my math career, I find it so rewarding to be able to help others grow and gain confidence in their math abilities. Outside of classes, I enjoy reading, hiking, and trying new foods. I look forward to helping you at the math support center!  

Niamh Fennelly

Hi, my name is Niamh and I am a final year Applied and Computational Maths student. Maths has always been a real passion of mine; I love problem solving and learning about new mathematical concepts. I am currently tutoring a first year calculus module, and I also have two years of experience as a secondary school maths tutor. I understand that the shift from secondary school to 3rd level mathematics can be really challenging, and it can take some time to grow accustomed to a new style of learning. Personally, I found the UCD maths support centre to be a huge help when I was starting out, so I am excited to have the opportunity to help other students in the same way. I enjoy teaching maths and find it very fulfilling. I really believe in helping students to find the strategies and methods of understanding that work for them. I am happy to assist with any Maths or Applied Maths questions you may have, and I look forward to meeting you! 

Oisín Campion

Hi, my name is Oisín and I am a PhD student in Mathematics at UCD. My research focuses on error-correcting codes for quantum computing, using approaches from a well developed classical theory. It's been my experience that studying mathematics can bring about both frustration and joy in great measure, and often the difficulty is in striking a healthy balance. I've been a tutor at UCD for a few years now, and I have also been involved in the Peer Mentoring and Cara programmes. Studying maths at university can be a big hurdle for many students, but thankfully there is a strong community of tutors who are passionate about helping students overcome their difficulties. My primary goal when a student drops in for maths support is that they leave with a lot less mathematical frustration and, (hopefully), a little more mathematical joy.

I am happy to help with MATH, STAT or ACM modules, and I can also provide support for Python programming.

Peter Neamti

Hi, my name is Peter and I am a first year PhD student in Mathematics here at UCD.
Having previously completed a joint major in applied maths and pure maths, I am in a position where I can help with most maths problems a student might encounter here at UCD.
Doing maths can be both very challenging but also very rewarding once things begin to make sense and you can see the way all the pieces fit together. My job here at the MSC is to make sure that I can clear the fog a bit so that you too can experience that rewarding feeling!

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