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UCD remains university-of-first-choice in Ireland

Monday, 8 July, 2019

Posted: July 08, 2019

UCD remains the university-of-first-choice among level 8 CAO applicants with 8,475 first preferences for 2019. Subjects in science and technology areas continue to show extremely strong year-on-year demand with Engineering, Science and Computer Science all continuing to increase in first preferences.


While the trend for engineering is up nationally demand for places at UCD exceeds the national trend. The demand for places in Engineering (DN150) continues with a 10% increase in first preferences this year on top of a 9% increase last year.


First preferences for Science (DN200) have continued to increase for the past five years and this year are up 2.7% to 723.

Computer Science 

Reflecting the national trend in ICT, first preferences for Computer Science (DN201) are up 9%. UCD increased the class size to 105 in response to student demand and employer interest in graduates.


Perhaps reflecting a growing interest among young students in environmental issues and increased activism around sustainability and protecting our planet, the two environment-related degrees, DN130 City, Planning & Environment and DN253 Agri-environmental sciences show strong increases in first preferences of 117% and 47% respectively.

Other degrees showing large percentage increases in first preferences include: DN750 Sociology and Social Policy 72%, DN530 Humanities 68%, DN710 Economics 65%, DN720 Psychology 39%, DN120 Landscape Architecture 30%, DN541 International Languages 15%, and DN670 Economics & Finance 7%.

Commenting on the data, Deputy President and Registrar of UCD, Professor Mark Rogers said:

“We saw the pattern for further increase in demand for engineering, science and computer science in March and this has consolidated at the closing deadline of 1 July.  

There is evidence that applicants are getting a better understanding of the opportunities presented across our revised suite of Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences degrees – which is shown by some movement in preferences between offerings.

We are increasing internship opportunities across the university and these have been welcomed by students and employers.”

By: Eilis O'Brien, UCD University Relations