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SPHPSS Post Doctoral Research Staff 

Name  Email address  Main Project/Thesis title  Supervisor 
Dr Ling-Wei Chen (opens in a new window)ling-wei.chen@ucd.ie Dr Chen is a Nutritional epidemiologist working on early life programming in a large consortium project (ALPHABET) and  he is also working with the Lifeways study.  Dr Catherine M. Phillips, Prof Cecily Kelleher 
Ms Patricia Dominguez Castro (opens in a new window)patricia.dominguezcastro@ucd.ie  "How can a multi-disciplinary prescribing strategy support appropriate prescribing of oral nutritional supplements (ONS) by Irish General Practitioners (GPs)?” (ONSPres project).
Name of fellowship if you are on one, eg Newman Fellow/Marie Sklodowska Curie; I am not on a fellowship. Our project has received full funding under a Health Research Board (HRB) quality and patient safety funding stream grant number R18472.
Prof Clare Corish 
Dr Shane Heffernan (opens in a new window)shane.heffernan@ucd.ie  Investigating The Potential For Marigot’S Nutrition Supplement To Improve Symptoms And Physical Function In Those With Mild To Moderate Knee Joint Osteoarthritus (Oa) Versus  (Glucosamine) Marigot Ltd.  The Current Market Leader Prof Giusepep De Vito 
Dr Alison Keogh (opens in a new window)alison.keogh@ucd.ie  Pace-Man Project ,Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation  Prof Brian Caulfield 
Dr Elaine Keogh (opens in a new window)elaine.keogh@ucd.ie    
Ms Laura Mackey (opens in a new window)laura.mackey@ucd.ie CHESS:  Connected Health Supporting Homestay in Dementia. Examining the role of technology to monitor and support people with dementia, and the carers who are living in the community.  Assoc Prof Catherine Blake 
Dr Lilian Genaro Motti Ader (opens in a new window)lilian.mottiader@ucd.ie   Improving the usability for improving the quality of data capture for health technologies  Marie Sklodowska-Curie Career FIT Postdoctoral research fellow Prof Brian Caulfield 
Dr Dechamma Mundanda Muthappa (opens in a new window)dechamma.mundandamuthappa@ucd.ie  DAFM funded project on "Application of Novel food processing and microanalytical technologies to identify and Control Spores in Dried Food Ingredients and of Biofilms in Food Processing Environments- a systems microbiology approach to ensure Quality and Safety"Centre For Food Safet Prof Seamus Fanning 
Dr Pilar Navarro (opens in a new window)pilar.navarro@ucd.ie    
Dr Ciara Reynolds (opens in a new window)ciara.reynolds@ucd.ie How can a multi-disciplinary prescribing strategy support appropriate prescribing of oral nutritional supplements (ONS) by Irish general practitioners (GPs)? (ONSPres project)' Prof Clare Corish 
Dr Niladri Sett (opens in a new window)niladri.sett@ucd.ie  Building predictive models from activity monitor data to assess quality of life Prof Brian Caulfield 
Dr Silvia Bel Serrat  (opens in a new window)silvia.belserrat@ucd.ie Dr Bel Serrat is manager of National Nutrition Surveillance Centre. Academic background: Human Nutrition and Dietetics; Food Science and Technology. Research area: nutritional epidemiology, obesity and dietary assessment methodologies. Main project at UCD: Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative.  Prof Cecily Kelleher, co supervisors Celine Murrin and Mirjam Heinen.
Dr Claire Timon

(opens in a new window)claire.timon@ucd.ie


SPHPSS PhD Students

Name Email address  Main Project/Thesis title  Supervisor 
Giampiero Tarantino (opens in a new window)giampiero.tarantino@ucdconnect.ie Giampiero is working on ''Education and inclusion of children with special educational needs and disabilities in physical education lessons: an Irish physical education teachers’ perspective”. Funded by the Irish Research Council under their Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship scheme Dr Ross Neville 
Castro Elena de Marco (opens in a new window)elena.demarcocastro@ucdconnect.ie Novel nutritional strategies to preserve musculoskeletal health in aging via the "gut-muscle axis" Prof Helen Roche
Eileen Gleeson (opens in a new window)eileen.gleeson@ucdconnect.ie Expert decision making in competitive situated activity of elite soccer capturing expert players perspective performance analysis and enhancement Dr Seamus Kelly 
Daniela Bossard (opens in a new window)daniela.bossard@ucdconnect.ie Progressive Exercise Series for Patients with Chronic Ankle Instability" Post Graduate Bursaries from UCD Institute for Sport and Health(ISH)/Centre for the Study of Sport(CSS) Prof Eamonn Delahunt
Fionn Cléirigh Büttner (opens in a new window)fionn.cleirigh-buttner@ucdconnect.ie Fionn is undertaking a prospective, longitudinal cohort study that investigates the 1-year clinical recovery of amateur athletes following sport-related concussion.  Fionn is the recipient of a Government of Ireland Postgraduate Research Scholarship (Academic Award) awarded by the Irish Research Council.Concussion recovery, management and return to sport sensorimotor deficits following sports injury neurocognitive risk factors of sports injury Return to sport decisions Prof Eamonn Delahunt
Sonja Egan (opens in a new window)sonja.egan@ucdconnect.ie Indices of Human Adaptability: Can we connect the dots Dr Denise McGrath 
Yujie Hu (opens in a new window)yujie.hu@ucdconnect.ie A Study of the antimicrobial resistance mechanisms and fitness costs associated with drug resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Indiana Prof Seamus Fanning
Ting Lu (opens in a new window)ting.lu@ucdconnect.ie EU China Safe project. Prof Pat Wall 
Claire McCafferty (opens in a new window)claire.mccafferty@ucdconnect.ie "The role of parental resources to instill positive food behaviours in their children" Previously "Why do adults give food treats to children" Safefood; HRB Workpackage collaboration with UCC on the role of apps to support healthier food purchasing behaviour of women in the consumer environment and currently, conducting research into Nutrition Literacy as a potential parental resource.  Dr Celine Murrin 
Maria Monahan (opens in a new window)maria.monahan@ucdconnect.ie The acute physiological and performance responses to sled resisted sprint running.
Post Graduate Bursaries from UCD Institute for Sport and Health(ISH)/Centre for the Study of Sport(CSS)

Dr Massimiliano Ditroilo

Huw Rees (opens in a new window)huw.rees@ucdconnect.ie Injury trends in field hockey: Establishing the extent of the problem Assoc Prof Catherine Blake 
Adam Walsh (opens in a new window)adam.walsh.1@ucdconnect.ie  Micropause Running; A New Paradigm for the Promotion of Physical Activity. The palatability and acute effects of different exercise run ning patterns. Prof Eamonn Delahunt
Yinping Dong (opens in a new window)yinping.dong@ucdconnect.ie A Study of the ecology, molecular characterization and metabolites of Clostridium spp. in relation to infant botulism and necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) Prof Seamus Fanning
Laura McMahon (opens in a new window)laura.mcmahon@ucd.ie Comprehensive evaluation of respiratory system function in Parkinson's Disease Dr Olive Lennon
Mekonnen Kara Niguse (opens in a new window)niguse.kara@ucdconnect.ie Beyond Number of Visits: Composite Quality of Antenatal Care Services at Wolaita Zone Public Health Facilities, Southern Ethiopia
BRT/Marie Sklodowska Curie
Assoc Prof Mary Codd
 Molly Mitchell (opens in a new window)molly.mitchell@ucdconnect.ie "Comparative genomics of Clostridium difficile - is there a zoonotic link. " Funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Prof Seamus Fanning
Caoimhe Bennis (opens in a new window)caoimhe.bennis@ucd.ie Early Stage Researcher,  CHESS: Connected HEalth Sustaining home stay in dementia Assoc Prof Tara Cusack
Louise Brennan (opens in a new window)lorraine.brennan@ucd.ie Optimising Targeted Exercise Programmes in Cancer Care through Connected Health Prof Brian Caulfield 
Dean Minnock (opens in a new window)dean.minnock@ucdconnect.ie Exercise and stress induced alterations to metabolic fitness and function in people living with type 1 diabetes Prof Giuseppe De Vito 
Francisco Monteiro Guerra   Gamification strategies for health promotion of people affected by cancer Prof Tahar Kechadi 
Shauna Jordan (opens in a new window)shauna.jordan@ucdconnect.ie An Investigation of the epidemiology and player experience of Femeroacetabular Impingement (FAI) syndrome in GAA and development of a Core outcome Set for FAO syndrome Assoc Prof Catherine Blake 
Mr Gianluigi Riva (opens in a new window)gianluigi.riva@ucd.ie Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher of the MSCA TEAM-ITN Project (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action: Technology Enabled Mental Health for Young People - International Training Network) Prof Brian Caulfield , Dr. Marguerite Barry 
Andrews Nicholas (opens in a new window)nicholas.andrews@ucdconnect.ie An Investigation into how molecular sub-typing techniques can be integrated as practical tools in HACCP Systems in high-volume Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food processing Prof Seamus Fanning
Cornelia Barth (opens in a new window)cornelia.barth@ucdconnect.ie The evaluation of the impact of physical rehabilitation in ICRC settings on women and men with lower limb amputation Dr Cliona O'Sullivan
Courtney McDermott (opens in a new window)courtney.mcdermott@ucdconnect.ie he Use of Imputation Methods to Complete Missing Data Points: A Comparison of Methods and Study Designs in Biomedical Science Assoc. Prof Ricardo Segurado
Ryan Stewart (opens in a new window)ryan.stewart@ucd.ie Fatigue and Recovery of the Fast Stretch Shortening Cycle in Athletic Populations Dr Massimiliano Ditroilo
Deirdre Phelan (opens in a new window)deirdre.phelan@ucd.ie Interprofessional Education in the Clinical Setting
Dr Olive Lennon
Co-Supervisor: Dr Terry Barrett T&L
Yanbing Chen (opens in a new window)yanbing.chen@ucdconnect.ie An Exploration on Evaluating Elite Rugby Player Wellbeing Awareness from an Occupational Safety and Health Perspective
Dr Seamus Kelly / Dr Conor Buggy
Thomas Roux (opens in a new window)thomas.roux@ucdconnect.ie Development of a Conceptual Framework to Inform Public Health Continuing Medical Education (CME) for General Practitioners
Dr Conor Buggy / Dr Mirjam Heinen
Sana Ben-Harchache (opens in a new window) sana.ben-harchache@ucdconnect.ie Investigating factors that may contribute to appetite and energy intake changes in older adults and novel nutritional interventions
Dr Katy Horner / Prof Helen Roche
Eoin Cunniffe (opens in a new window) eoin.cunniffe@ucdconnect.ie A Contextualised Investigation of the Physical Output of Male International Field Hockey Players
Dr. Catherine Blake
Fiona Curran (opens in a new window) fiona.curran@ucd.ie The development and evaluation of a complex intervention to decrease sedentary behaviour and improve health outcomes in obese adults;
the INSERT (Interrupt SEdentaRy Time) study
Dr. Grainne O' Donoghue / Dr. James Matthews
Fearghal Kerin (opens in a new window) fearghal.kerin@ucdconnect.ie Investigating the mechanisms, risk factors and outcomes following hamstring strain injury in professional athletes
Prof Eamonn Delahunt
Jedd Pratt (opens in a new window) jedd.pratt@ucdconnect.ie An investigation into the determinants of sarcopenia and muscle function
Prof Colin Boreham
Denise Martin (opens in a new window) denise.martin@ucdconnect.ie The development of applied performance analysis practice.
Dr Denise McGrath
Killian McManus (opens in a new window) killian.mc-manus@ucdconnect.ie Objective Assessment of Balance and Other Motor Function Using a Smartphone for Longitudinal Monitoring of Balance and Falls Risk in Older Adults
Prof Brian Caulfield
Daniel Horan (opens in a new window) daniel.horan@ucdconnect.ie A prospective, longitudinal cohort study in the FAI Women’s National League. This is a mixed-method study involving interviews with players, coaches and medical personnel regarding their understanding, perceptions and conceptualisations of injury and injury prevention in women’s senior football.
Prof Eamonn Delahunt
Orla Deegan (opens in a new window) orla.deegan@ucdconnect.ie Pain sensitization and predictors of outcome of multidisciplinary treatment in chronic pain
Dr Catherine Doody
Deirdre Ryan (opens in a new window) deirdre.ryan2@ucdconnect.ie To investigate the effect of Action Observation Therapy in the rehabilitation of mid-portion Achilles Tendinopathy
Dr Cliona O'Sullivan

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