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Repeal Statistical Significance? A lunchtime seminar. 29 April 2019, 1pm C006, Health Sciences Centre

Statistical significance – repeal and replace? A lunchtime seminar with Dr Ricardo Segurado.

29 April 2019, 1pm, C006, Health Sciences Centre

Over 800 statisticians recently called for an end to the concept of statistical significance in its entirety ((opens in a new window)https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00857-9). Indeed, there is increasing debate about the relevance of ascribing research significance based on an arbitrary dichotomous p-value, particularly in the fields of health, medicine and biology.

What is driving this debate? What is wrong with “significance” anyway? And what does it mean for researchers who routinely use significance testing?

Join us at this lunchtime seminar and discussion, as Dr Ricardo Segurado, Associate Professor in Public Health Biostatistics, discusses the background to the issue and why it is of increasing importance. This topic is relevant to all researchers at any stage of their career, including post-graduate students involved in research. All are welcome to attend.

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