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UCD Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

UCD is delighted to publish our second edition of the Gender Pay Gap Report 2023, a comprehensive analysis aimed at understanding and addressing the disparities in earnings between male and female employees within our university as per legislative requirements. As we delve into this critical issue for the second consecutive year, our commitment to transparency, equality, and fostering an inclusive workplace for all employees remains unwavering.

The primary objective of the report is to provide a detailed examination of our university’s gender pay dynamics and to address these. We are happy to see a continued downward trend in the gender pay gap from 11.96% mean in 2019 to 9.36% and 12.04% median to 7.32% during the same period for core employees (i.e. excluding hourly paid workers). The current overall gender pay gap for UCD (including hourly paid workers) is 12.45% Mean and 6.02% Median. An analysis of the data both including and excluding hourly paid workers is provided throughout the report as the inclusion of hourly paid workers can result in data fluctuations and may present a less accurate picture of the university’s overall gender pay gap. The university is committed to continuing to implement and monitor actions to reduce the gap between the pay of men and women. By scrutinizing the data, identifying trends, and comparing results to the previous year's findings, we aim to gain deeper insights into the progress the university made and areas that require further attention.

Throughout the report, you will find an exploration of the factors contributing to the gender pay gap within UCD. We also highlight initiatives implemented to bridge the gap and promote a fair and inclusive workplace culture. UCD is committed to fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities and is compensated fairly for their contributions and whilst UCD has made progress over recent years, we are not complacent and acknowledge there is still much to do in order to achieve gender equality and close our gender pay gap.

You can read the full Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 (PDF) below, which includes the actions the University is taking to reduce the gender pay gap.

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