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Entry Requirements/Matriculation  
What does matriculation mean? Matriculation refers to the minimum requirements for entry to the University, often referred to as Entry Requirements. Before you can be considered eligible for admission you must meet these minimum standards. As there are normally more eligible applicants than places, admission is competitive based on a points system.
What are the minimum entry requirements for Irish Leaving Certificate applicants? In terms of Irish Leaving Certificate, matriculation is a minimum of 2 Higher H5 and 4 O6/H7 in the Leaving Certificate which must include Irish and English. In addition, there are specific subject requirements for different courses. Please see the entry requirements page for full details.

As there are normally more eligible applicants than places, admission is competitive based on a points system.

For all courses in UCD, this must include Irish (unless exempt) and English.
What are the minimum entry requirements for A level applicants? In terms of A level/GCSE, matriculation is a minimum of 2 grades C at A level and 4 grades C at GCSE which must include English (and Irish if not exempt, see below). In addition, there are specific subject requirements for different courses. Please see the A level page for full details.

In addition there are specific subject requirements for each course.

As there are normally more eligible applicants than places, admission is competitive based on a points system.

If I'm repeating do I need to take all the matriculation and course entry requirement subjects again? You can combine the results of Leaving Certificate examinations obtained in different years for matriculation purposes. However, this applies to matriculation only. It does not apply to points which are calculated on results from one year only. Make sure you tell CAO about all your Leaving Certificate sittings when applying.

Please Note: for Medicine (DN400) you must achieve the minimum entry (matriculation) requirements and minimum course entry requirements in the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate and there are additional requirements.

Can I get an exemption from Irish? You are eligible for exemption from Irish in the following circumstances and should see NUI Website for details of procedure to apply for exemption:
  1. If you were born outside the Republic of Ireland (26 counties)
  2. If your primary education up to the age of eleven years was outside the Republic of Ireland (26 counties); or
  3. If your second level education took place for at least three years outside the Republic of Ireland.
  4. If you have a Specific Learning Disability affecting basic language skills in the mother tongue (Department of Education and Skills revision of Rule 46 ‘Rules and Programmes for Secondary Schools’ in relation to exemption from Irish (Circular letter M10/94 – 1(c)(i))
What is NUI? NUI is the National University of Ireland of which UCD is a constituent University. NUI is the degree awarding body for the constituent Universities.
Do you accept Foundation Irish? The Leaving Certificate subject ‘Gaeilge – Bonnleaibhéal’ (Irish-Foundation Level) is not acceptable for matriculation registration purposes.
Do you accept Foundation Maths? The Leaving Certificate subject ‘Mathematics Ordinary Alternative/Foundation Level’ is accepted for matriculation registration purposes (as a 6th subject), but not as a substitute for the subject ‘Mathematics’ in courses for which the subject ‘Mathematics’ is an entry requirement. Points are not awarded for this subject.
What languages will meet the language requirement? All languages currently offered in the Irish Leaving Certificate meet the general language entry requirement for UCD programmes. Please note, not all programmes require a language other than Irish and English - please see entry requirements table. The language does not have to be a modern language (e.g. Latin is acceptable)
Do you accept the LCVP (Leaving Cert Vocational Programme)? The LCVP is accepted as a subject for points purposes only; it does not count as a matriculation subject.

Points are awarded as follows:
Distinction: 66; Merit: 46; Pass: 28

Do you accept the Leaving Certificate Applied programme? The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme does not currently meet matriculation and entry requirements.
Do you accept GNVQ? GNVQ awards are not acceptable for purposes of matriculation in the National University of Ireland or admission to University College Dublin.
Do you accept BTEC in combination with A levels? No, you can't combine BTEC qualifications with A-levels. There are some progression routes for those who have completed a BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND).
I'm being home-schooled. Can I still apply? If you are being home-schooled, we recommend that you present a recognised qualification, such as ICCE or A-level and GCSE. If you are studying in the US system, you must have an official High School transcript together with SAT I scores. For more competitive courses SAT II will be required and for very competitive courses AP scores are also required.

We regret that if you don't have documented prior learning you cannot be considered for admission to UCD in competition with other school-leavers. For some courses, an alternative route is to take a 1 year QQI-FET course and apply on that basis.
Is there an age requirement for entry to UCD? Yes. You must be seventeen years of age by 15 January following entry: i.e. for entry in 2023, date of birth must be on or before 15 January 2007. 
I'm younger than the age requirement allows. What can I do? If you will not be old enough and wish to appeal this, you can appeal to the Registrar. Your appeal should be accompanied by a letter of support from your School Principal. You can submit this via
CAO Applications  
How do I apply? If you are from Ireland, or another EU country and you want to start in first year of an undergraduate course, apply via the Central Applications Office (CAO).

Non-EU and transfer applicants (post stage 1) apply direct to UCD.
What is the closing date for CAO application? The normal CAO closing date is 1 February, but there is a discount for applying by 20 January online.
There is a late closing date of 1 May but this is not available for all courses or for some categories of applicant.

There is a special late closing date of 22 July for students registered in UCD or another HEI who wish to transfer to the first year of a course (see CAO Handbook for additional requirements)
What is the closing date for transfer (advanced entry) application? If you are applying to enter stage 2 or later in September, the closing date is usually 3rd week of June (see website for details). If places remain in any course after assessment of applications received by the closing date, late applications may be accepted in late August (dates TBC).

Please see for other closing dates and information.

What is a restricted application course? A restricted application course is one for which you must apply by 1 February. This is usually because there is an additional test or assessment involved. 

There are currently no restricted application courses in UCD. However we recommend that you apply by 1 February for the following:
DN300 Veterinary Medicine (practical experience required)
DN301 Graduate Entry Veterinary Medicine (GAMSAT test)
DN400 Medicine (HPAT-Ireland test)
DN401 Graduate Entry Medicine (GAMSAT)

Some categories of applicant (HEAR, DARE and most Mature applicants) must also apply by 1 February.

I've put in my CAO application and forgot to put down a restricted course - what can I do? CAO has a window after 1st February when you can correct errors or omissions (usually up to 1 March). Any changes made in this window are deemed "on time".
What will this year's points be? Points won't be known until Round 1 offers issue. You should put down the courses you want in your genuine order of preference and not worry too much about the points as they can vary significantly from year to year. You should ensure that you will meet the subject requirements (e.g. there is no point applying for Engineering if you are not taking higher level maths).
What documents do I need to send to CAO? You need to send
  • Results of school-leaving exams other than Irish Leaving Certificate
  • Results of Irish Leaving Certificate pre 1985
  • Transcripts of any previous third level or Certificate of attendance if you left without taking examinations.
  • Personal statement if applying as a mature applicant (template and list of requirements available on mature years website)
  • In addition, applicants applying via HEAR or DARE will need supporting documentation.
Should I send copies of the documents or originals? You should NOT send originals (except for Graduate Entry Medicine - DN401 where originals are required). For all others they should be certified copies (e.g. by a school stamp).

If you are admitted to UCD, we will need to see the original at time of registration.

My documents are not in English, do I need a translation? A certified English translation is required for any results and qualifications not issued in Irish or English. You should still send a copy of the untranslated version.
I've made my CAO application and sent my documents.
Do I need to do anything else?


If you are applying for any of the following there are additional steps:

All applicants: Don't forget to check your statement from CAO which you should receive in May.

Do you have a 5 year Medicine course? No, all applicants apply for a place on the 6 year medical programme.

Applicants who accept a place in DN400 and who have previous third level credits may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. Applicants may be granted exemption from some or all of stage 1.

What documents do I need for graduate entry medicine? For Graduate Entry Medicine (DN401) CAO must receive an original of your transcript and proof of award. For proof of award: the date of award may be stated clearly on the transcript in which case that will suffice. If not a certified copy of the parchment is required. Please see CAO website for further details and also GAMSAT booklet (available on ACER website).
How long is my GAMSAT result valid for? A GAMSAT result has a currency of 2 years.
I've got GAMSAT Australia/GAMSAT UK will this do? Yes, you can be considered on these BUT CAO will not be automatically notified of the result - you need to send a hardcopy to CAO.
I'm an EU applicant for graduate entry medicine; do I need to take an English language test? No. Gaining a sufficient result in GAMSAT to gain admission will be taken as proof of English level.
I'm a graduate applying as a mature student for Arts; do I need MSAP? Unless your points are likely to be sufficient you need to present a valid MSAP score or UCD Open Learning Module. The only mature applicants who don't need these are those progressing from a UCD Access course.

However if you are an Arts graduate and just want to add one subject you might be interested in the Higher Diploma in Arts.

I'm a school-leaver who didn't apply by 1 February; can I make a late application?


Yes, if you are a school-leaver you can apply up to 1 May with a late application fee.

Some categories of applicant (HEARDARE and most Mature applicants) must also apply by 1 February.

Can I apply late for graduate entry courses?


There are currently no restricted application courses in UCD.

However we recommend that you apply by 1 February for the following:

DN300/DN301 Graduate Entry Veterinary Medicine (GAMSAT test)
DN401 Graduate Entry Medicine (GAMSAT test)

DN411 Graduate Entry Radiography

I'm a mature applicant, who didn't apply by 1 February; can I make a late application? Some courses will accept late applications - please see mature website for details.
Change of Mind  
When can I use the Change of Mind facility? The change of mind facility opens in early May (check CAO website for exact date) and runs until 5pm on 1 July.
I'm a school-leaver; can I add UCD courses using Change of Mind? Yes. However we recommend that you apply by 1 February for the following:

DN300 Veterinary Medicine (Practical work experience)
DN400 Medicine (HPAT-Ireland test)

Please note if you are a mature applicant, courses added by change of mind cannot be considered on grounds of mature years as mature years assessments will already have taken place.

I am a mature applicant; can I add UCD courses using Change of Mind?

Applicants applying on the grounds of mature years can re-order their preferences only.

You can add new courses using change of mind but these can only be considered on the basis of QQI or School Leaving results as the mature assessment process will already have taken place.

I'm applying for graduate entry; can I add UCD courses using Change of Mind?  Yes. 

However as you need to present GAMSAT scores for the following courses, we recommend that you apply by 1 February for the following:

DN300/DN301 Graduate Entry Veterinary Medicine (GAMSAT test)
DN401 Graduate Entry Medicine (GAMSAT)

Is there a charge for using the change of mind facility?

No, there is no charge for using the CAO change of mind facility from May - 1 July.

How will I know if CAO got my change of mind?

CAO will send a statement out with your revised choices. If you haven't received this by 7 July contact CAO. Please check the statement carefully and contact CAO if you see any errors.

Vetting Requirements  
Are there any vetting checks carried out? Yes, for some courses you must be Garda (Police) vetted in line with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012. Some courses also require health screening.
I have been Garda vetted previously, will UCD accept this? No, we have a duty to carry out our own Garda vetting on all entrants.
What if I have lived outside Ireland?

If you have lived in another jurisdiction for a period of 6 months or more since you reached the age of 18, you will need to provide Police Certificates from that country, in addition to completing Garda vetting.

Can I appeal the decision on my Garda Vetting?

Yes, an appeal may be made to the University’s Student Appeals Committee within 10 working days from the date of issue of the decision of the UCD Vetting Review Committee. Details of the appeal procedure can be found in the Student Appeals Procedure.

Appeals may be made on the following grounds:

  • New evidence: Information directly relevant to the decision, which for good reason was not available to the UCD Vetting Review Committee.
  • Procedural irregularity: There is evidence that the procedures relating to a decision were not followed properly, which may have impacted on the Student Vetting Committee’s decision.

The Student Appeals Committee may:

  • Uphold the Appeal
  • Reject the Appeal
Can I see what the National Vetting Bureau says about me? The disclosure we receive from the National Vetting Bureau will be available to you via your SISWeb account.

If you wish to request information about what the Gardai hold on file about you, please contact the National Vetting Bureau directly.

I will need to be vetted for jobs, will UCD do this? No, we only vet for purposes of courses or volunteering in UCD. Your employer will carry out vetting. If you want to get an Irish Police Certificate you can contact the National Vetting Bureau directly.
My courses doesn't require vetting but I have an offence does it matter? Yes. In line with our Terms and Conditions of Offer, the University reserves the right to exclude an applicant who is considered on justifiable grounds to be unsuitable to continue their place on a particular programme according to particular circumstances. For example, including but not limited to, in accordance with the University’s Garda Vetting Policy, Fitness to Practice Policy, Fitness to Continue in Study Policy or Relevant Offence Risk Assessment Policy
Questions when results issue  
I failed Irish/English. Will I still get an offer in UCD?


The minimum required for these subjects, unless otherwise specified, is H7/O6.Unless you have achieved this level you will not be eligible. In some cases an exemption in Irish is possible (see Exemptions are not granted for English.
Will the points go up or down this year? It is impossible to predict until the first round of offers issues. Points won't be known until round 1 goes out. Points are not "set" by the universities - each institution sets the number of offers for each course and the offers are issued to this level. The score of the last person offered becomes the points level for the course as published in the papers.
Will I get bonus points for taking Higher Mathematics? 25 additional points will be awarded for a grade H6 or better in Leaving Certificate Mathematics, where that subject is one of the six subjects being counted for points purposes.

For details on how it applies to EU examinations, please see the EU applicants website.
I'm going to repeat my Leaving Cert/A level. I've already passed a required subject. Do I need to repeat it?


No, unless you want to do Medicine (DN400). Entry/matriculation requirements can be combined over any number of years provided your points are only taken from one year. But be sure to supply details of this year's leaving cert when you are applying next year.

Medicine requires that points be attained in the same sitting as all matric requirements and the HPAT-Ireland aptitude test, which takes place in February/March each year, and must be applied for separately.

I'm going to repeat my Leaving Cert/A-level for medicine but I've got a good HPAT-Ireland score. Do I need to repeat it? Yes you must repeat it. HPAT results are valid for one year only. See ACER website for details.
I'm going to start first year in university and repeat HPAT. Can I combine next year's HPAT with this year’s Leaving Cert for medicine? Yes, under current regulations there is no requirement for HPAT-Ireland and Leaving Cert to be taken in the same year. However, if you get Medicine next year, beware of the fees issue if you have completed 1st year elsewhere. You may get exemption from some or all of stage 1 depending on the compatibility of your modules but we can't guarantee admission to stage 2 as this is subject to availability of places.
I have got my A-level results. How can I tell if I've got enough points? Information about how points are calculated is available on the A-level website but we won't know what's required for the course until round 1 issues. Be careful to check that you meet the subject requirements for the course.
I think I'm going to get an offer. Can you send me some information about it? We aim to provide information packs to everybody who gets an offer on the day the offer goes out (from round 1 onwards). In the meantime, you can check the UCD website for information on the course and the Current Students Website for information on registration and orientation (usually available from mid-July).
How can I tell how many points I've got? You should be able to see your points score under the course code on your notice from CAO (or online). If there is an asterisk beside it this means you've been deemed ineligible, probably because you haven't met one of the subject requirements.
I was offered my 1st preference but I'd really prefer my 2nd, what can I do? The CAO system operates on the basis that the highest choice on your CAO form is the one you want most.

This means that, you will receive an offer of the course highest up on your course choices list(s) that you are deemed eligible for, if any. For example, if you receive your first preference Level 8 course in Round One you will not receive an offer for a lower Level 8 preference in subsequent rounds. If you receive an offer of your third preference course you may still receive an offer of your second or first preference course in a subsequent round of offers, but you will not receive an offer of your fourth preference course or lower.

However you should check the CAO website for the list of courses with "Available Places" as there may be something there of interest to you.

I've just got an offer via CAO. Can you send me some information about it?


We email students who accept places and give them the information they need automatically. If you just accepted your offer via CAO before 5 pm today, you should expect an email on the next working day.
When does term start? Term usually starts the second Monday in September BUT there will be orientation events in the week prior to that so you may need to be in UCD from early September. Please see full term dates.
I can't come to orientation. Does it matter? Yes, you will be missing out on valuable information in relation to study skills and module choices. You really should try to organise it so that you can attend. If you can't change your plans you should report to the student adviser for your area when you arrive at UCD.
I'm trying to register and I can't log on  First check the email you received from Admissions telling you when you could register. If this time has passed, please check
  • Are you using your CAO number (it should be 8 digits and the first 2 digits are the year.)
  • If you were in UCD before you should use your old UCD number.
  • Are you using your date of birth in the correct format? (DDMMYY)
  • If it still doesn't work, please contact
Can I apply for a place in clearing? Clearing is operated in the UK system when results issue because the UK universities give conditional offers. The Irish universities only make offers after the school-leaving results issue and do not operate a clearing system. You could look at Available Places on CAO website, which lists any courses which are not full and have no waiting list. These will now accept applications.
If I have the points, can I still apply for a different course after Round 1?  During the CAO season, application can only be made to Available/Vacant Place courses which are advertised on the CAO website.  If you have got a UCD offer it may be possible to apply for a different UCD course at the start of the academic year (if places remain at the end of the CAO season) or at the end of trimester 1. Please see the transfer page for details.
How do I defer my place?  You may request deferral to next year for all undergraduate degree courses. There is no guarantee that a deferral will be permitted as there is a limit to the number of deferrals we can grant. Deferrals will not be permitted if you want to attend another course of more than 1 year’s duration or if you want to repeat the Leaving Certificate to apply for another course. Please see full deferral procedure here
Can I defer for more than one year? Deferral is normally allowed for one year only. However, in exceptional cases requests to extend deferral may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
I want to repeat my LC. Can I defer my UCD place?  No. Applicants who are granted deferral must not repeat the Leaving Certificate examination with the intention of applying for a different 3rd level course. In order to get your deferred place next year it must be the only preference on your CAO form. 
Will I get an offer in the next round? It is impossible to predict whether there will be more offers for any course. It just depends whether all the places are filled at the end of the current round. We do NOT hold places back for round 2 – our aim is to fill on round 1. So we offer more than the number of places based on our history of acceptance rates.
If I phone admissions after the reply date for this round will they be able to tell me if I'll get an offer in the next round? We won't know for sure until the next round of offers goes out and you will know via CAO by then anyway.
I have an offer through the CAO. If I accept this, am I still eligible for a higher offer? Yes, if you merit a higher offer in another round, then you will get it, whether you accept this one or not.
I've been offered my first preference but would really prefer a lower one? Sorry, there is nothing that can be done about that. You can never be offered a lower preference.

However, if you have accepted a UCD course it may be possible for you to transfer at the end of the CAO season if places remain. There are also transfer opportunties at the end of trimester 1 and the end of the academic year.

I have a Department of Education Irish exemption [or exemption from my school but my offer notice says I am ineligible for UCD courses? You need to have a NUI Irish exemption. Check your statement of results. If it doesn't show NUI Irs X then we don't know about your Irish exemption and you should contact NUI immediately. We will try to accommodate you in a later round if your exemption comes through and you are eligible but if the course is full we may not be able to.
There is an * beside the points for a course. What does this mean? This means that everybody above the points listed has been offered a place but we were not able to offer places to everybody on the points listed at this stage. So random selection was used to select from the applicants at that points score. See the CAO handbook for details of how it works. We will not know until after the closing date if we will be able to offer to the rest of the applicants on those points.
I didn't get an offer and I think I have more points than it says in the paper/online?
  • Check your results on CAO-- are all your results showing?
  • Do you meet the basic entry requirements such as Irish?
  • If you have an Irish exemption does it show (IRS X)
  • Do you have all the subject requirements? [Entry requirements and points are available here]
  • Are you counting more than 6 subjects?
  • Is it on random selection?

If none of the above resolves it, contact us - include your CAO number in the message.

I'm a HEAR or DARE applicant and I think I'm within the points range but I didn't get an offer?


UCD has a reserved number of places for DARE and HEAR students. UCD allows eligible applicants to compete for places with a reduction of approximately 20% off the published points for the course they wish to enter. There are approximately 5% of UCD places reserved for eligible applicants. Please see DARE / HEAR full details of criteria on the DARE/HEAR webpage. You must meet the minimum course entry requirements to be considered for one of the reduced points places. Unfortunately, for some courses, there are more eligible applicants within 20% of the points than we have places for and the places available are offered in order of merit.


It just says 1 beside my UCD preference, what does this mean? This is what's called a holding score. It usually means that we're still waiting for some documents.
I'm thinking of doing QQI-FET next year instead of repeating. Can I apply on that basis? Many courses in UCD consider applicants on the basis of QQI-FET.
I did QQI-FET and didn't get an offer in Round 0. Will I get an offer later? Usually, QQI-FET applicants are offered in Round 0. However, for some courses we are not able to offer to all the applicants who meet minimum requirements. For these courses we may make further offers in later rounds– it is a separate quota so it just depends whether the QQI-FET places are full.
How do I accept my place? You can accept online at 
I forgot to accept my place. Can I accept it now? If you haven't accepted your offer by the reply date, the offer has lapsed. If there were extenuating reasons why you didn't accept, you can contact the Admissions Officer explaining this. However, the place may already have been offered to somebody else in the next round and it may not be possible to accommodate you.
Did you get my acceptance?


There is normally a 2 day delay before acceptances are on our system because there are overnight processes involved. We email applicants as soon as their acceptances are loaded into the system.

If it is more than two days since you accepted and you haven't heard from us please check your spam folder. Note if you have an iCloud email address Apple may have withheld it in their filtering system.

If you still haven't got your email please contact us

I don't want to accept my place. Do I need to tell you? No. You can simply let the offer reply date pass and the offer will automatically lapse.
I want to cancel the place I accepted, what do I need to do?


Please let us know in writing, quoting your CAO number. Please do this as soon as possible so that your place can be made available to somebody else. Please note you must use the email address on your CAO application.

However, if you wish to cancel your place only because you are accepting higher CAO preference there is no need to let us know - it will automatically be cancelled.

Note: after mid-September (exact date TBC), you must submit an official withdrawal form via your UCD online account.

I've already accepted my place, can I still defer? It may still be possible to defer if you have accepted during the first few weeks of term. You must contact us immediately explaining via the form on the deferral website why you wish to defer now. It is very urgent that you do so because if you're deferring, the place needs to be made available to somebody else.

After mid-September (exact date TBC), deferral requests will only be considered in extenuating circumstances such as serious illness.

I've just accepted one of the courses with a subject choice; did I get my subject preference? Yes. You may not see the subject code on the acceptance form but you will get it in your acknowledgement.
Leaving Certificate Re-checks/Upgrades  
I applied for a re-check in some of my subjects. If my points go up will I get an offer in my higher preference?


If your upgrade is successful, we will receive notification from the CAO.

If this is received in September, we will do our best to accommodate any applicant who would have been entitled to a place had the results been correct. However, it will depend on availability of places in the course. If we are not able to accommodate applicants this year, we will guarantee an offer for entry next year.

We do not make offers after the third week of trimester, so applicants who become entitled to a place following an amendment after that, can only be given a deferred place for the following academic year.

It is very rare, but occasionally results are downgraded. If this means that you no longer qualify for the course you have accepted your application will have to be reviewed.

The course I applied for was on random selection and I've been upgraded to the random cut-off will I get an offer? If, for example, the course was 500*:
  • If you now have 501 or better you are eligible for an offer or a deferred offer
  • If you now have 500 points it will depend on the random number which was assigned to you in Round 1.
    • If your random number is above that of the last person offered you are eligible for an offer or a deferred offer
    • If your random number is below that of the last person offered, you wouldn't have got an offer if your score had been correct from the beginning, so you are not eligible for an offer now.
Applying as a Mature Student  
What is a mature applicant? A mature applicant is anyone who is at least 23 years of age on 1 January of the proposed year of entry and whose school-leaving qualifications are insufficient for admission. For admission in September 2023 your date of birth must be on or before 1 January 2000.
I am a mature applicant, how do I apply? Mature applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO). The application can be completed online at

For Arts and Humanities (DN520-541), Social Sciences (DN700-DN760), Law (DN600-DN620), Agricultural Science (DN250-271) and Science (DN200-240) courses separate registration for the MSAP-Ireland assessment (or UCD Open Learning) is normally required.

For Medicine (DN400) separate registration for the HPAT-Ireland examination is required.

For Nursing (DN450-453), as a mature applicant, registration for the written assessment is required. Details about the assessment are available at

I am a mature applicant, what should be included with my application?

You need to provide supplementary information in addition to your CAO application form. Further information is available on the webpage for each course.

Supplementary information such as examination results, a CV and a personal statement must be sent to CAO.

Please note that documents should be with CAO no later than 15 February. Documents received after this date may not be available to us in time for assessment.

The CAO Handbook contains useful advice regarding the application process. You should read it carefully, taking particular note of the sections about mature student applications.

I am a mature applicant, when should I apply?

The opening date for CAO applications is early November. For most of our courses the closing date is 1 February - completed CAO application forms and all supplementary information should be returned to CAO by this date (there is a reduced application fee for applications made prior to 20 January).

Please note that supporting documents should be with CAO no later than 15 February. Documents received after this date may not be available to us in time for assessment.

Some courses may accept late applications up to 1 May but this is subject to the availability of places.

For dates of supplementary tests, please see list of dates

How are applications on grounds of mature years assessed?

All applications on the grounds of mature years received by the 1 February closing date are forwarded from CAO to UCD.

The relevant Programme Board then evaluates applications for their courses. Generally, the Programme Board is looking for evidence of academic ability, interest in and aptitude for the course for which you have applied. Details of what is taken into account for each course are available on the Mature Students Website.

N.B. It is vital that applicants ensure that all supporting documentation is submitted to CAO promptly. Please note that documents should be with CAO no later than 15 February. Documents received after this date may not be available to us in time for assessment.

I am a mature applicant, when will I know the outcome of my application?

Offers for mature applicants will issue via CAO in Round A (early July) and must be accepted within a week.

Successful applicants will receive notification of an offer from CAO when the round issues.

If the decision of the Assessment Board is a Conditional Offer, UCD Admissions will contact the applicant by email, in advance of round A to explain the conditions which must be fulfilled to receive an official CAO offer.

If places remain when Round A closes, these will be offered in the following CAO offer rounds to applicants on the waiting list*. As above, CAO will notify applicants if an offer has issued.

*Please note that the Assessment Board may have decided to offer all eligible applicants in Round A and therefore there may not be a waiting list for your chosen degree.

Sometimes mature applicants may receive an offer in a later round under a different route such as QQI-FET or on the basis of their school leaving results.

The CAO offer will state the date by which you must accept the place (usually about a week after the offer). Places that have not been accepted by that date will be offered to other applicants at a later stage. If you plan to be away from home between July and September, make sure to access CAO online to check the status of your application or arrange for someone to deal with your post for you.


Please note that, in accordance with CAO procedures, applicants will only be offered their highest successful preference so it is extremely important that you fill out your CAO choices in order of genuine preference.

Is there a separate application form for mature applicants to UCD?

No, application is via CAO only. However, you may wish to use the template on our mature website    for your personal statement. This can be submitted to CAO with your other supporting documents.

Please note that documents should be with CAO no later than 15 February. Documents received after this date may not be available to us in time for assessment.

Are there special places for graduates in undergraduate courses? Four of our undergraduate degrees have graduate entry routes:
  • Veterinary Medicine - 2 routes depending on the relevance of your previous degree:
    • DN300 Veterinary Medicine (5 Year course )
    • DN301 Veterinary Medicine (4 Year course Graduates only)
  • Medicine - DN401 (Graduate Entry only)
  • Radiography - DN411 Radiography (Graduate Entry only)
  • Physiotherapy - DN420 Physiotherapy

There are also a number of Master's available which allow graduates change career direction. Some examples are

Information on all our post graduate courses is available here.

I have missed the application date for this year, what can I do? You may be interested in our UCD Access courses or UCD Open Learning Certificate. As well as preparing you to apply next year, successful completion of these courses can allow for another progression route to a number of our undergraduate degrees.

Alternatively you may wish to consider a QQI-FET course.

I've just found that I failed 1st year and I want to change courses, but CAO is closed. What can I do? There's a special date for applicants in this position, both in UCD and in other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). You can apply via CAO up to 22 July. Your application must be verified by your current HEI to say you are a student.
I've just found that I failed 1st year. I had applied but now I want to change my mind. If you are registered in UCD or in other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), you can use the CAO change of mind facility up to 22 July. You must use a paper form and you must get the form stamped by your current HEI to say you are a student.
Is it possible to come in to 2nd year in UCD or change to 2nd year of a different course in UCD? Yes, if your first year programme is compatible with the first year programme in UCD, you might be eligible to apply for transfer. The full criteria is available here. Application is made direct to UCD.

Please note, if you are a non-EU applicant, you should apply for first year via the Non-EU application form, and if offered, apply for recognition of prior learning.

I failed 1st Arts in UCD and want to change my subjects; can I re-apply via CAO? No - you only need to re-apply if you are changing your course. If you want to change your subjects (whether you passed or failed), you should contact your College or School Office about repeating,
I've been offered a course in UCD but I'd prefer to do a different UCD course - do I have to wait a year to transfer? It might be possible to transfer at the end of the CAO Season if places remain in the course. There is also a transfer opportunity at the end of trimester 1 - please see transfer website for full rules.
If I start a Higher Certificate or Ordinary Degree (level 6/7), can I get my level 8 degree in UCD? Yes, a number of our courses have progression routes for applicants who have completed a Level 6 or 7 relevant qualification with Merit or Distinction. Please see HETAC Transfer information.
I have completed a BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND); can I enter a level 8 degree in UCD? Yes, unless otherwise specified applicants with a relevant BTEC HND can apply to the same courses as are available to those with level 6/7 qualifications. Please see HETAC Transfer information.
I've applied as a transfer applicant. When will I know the decision?  

After the closing date, we send the files to the College/School Offices for decision within a few working days of that. The decisions come back at different times (depending on the volume they are dealing with) and the decisions are entered on the system as soon as we get them. You will receive an email to notify you when the status of your application is updated.

We expect to have all decisions back to us by early August. 

Direct Applications  
Who should apply direct to UCD?


Generally as follows:
  • Non-EU applicants
  • Anyone seeking to enter post year one (including those who were here before and want to re-enter)
  • Anyone applying for Graduate, Certificate/Diploma or a small number of undergraduate degrees not listed in CAO Handbook (mostly distance learning)
Do all non-EU applicants apply direct? For some courses applicants from Botswana, Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Russia and USA should apply via our agents in those countries. Agent details are listed under the relevant country on the UCD Global website.

We recommend that you contact UCD Global for assistance..

How do I apply for Medicine as a non-EU applicant? UCD School of Medicine allocates most places to students applying via existing partner organisations (i.e. The Atlantic Bridge Program (USA/Canada), IUMC and PMC in Malaysia and in Singapore). Direct applications will also be considered.

Admission to Medicine is highly competitive. Applicants must present with an excellent academic profile. Emphasis is placed on performance in the sciences, in particular chemistry. Evidence of excellent interpersonal skills, compassion, maturity, and a well-informed motivation for medicine is also required..

Please see the UCD Global Website for more details.

What are UCD's SAT and ACT codes? If sending your transcript(s) via College Board our Designated Institution (DI) code is 6675-University College Dublin

The ACT college code number is 5512.

I'm from USA/Canada and want to apply for Veterinary Medicine? Non-EU applicants from USA and Canada should apply via VMCAS. There is a UCD Supplemental Application which is mandatory for all VMCAS applicants. For more detailed information please refer to the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine site.
Can I apply for Nursing as a non-EU applicant? Due to restrictions imposed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board, UCD does not currently offer Non-EU places in the Nursing programmes.
I've applied as a non-EU applicant. When will I know the decision? Decisions are made on an on-going basis, so if all your documentation is complete it should be within a few working days.
Graduate Applications  
I see an Online Application hold on my record. What does this mean? If you accepted your place via UCD Applications, the OA (Online Applications) hold will appear automatically against your student record, with some exceptions. This is because your application has been assessed on copies of documents only. The hold is removed once documentation has been verified (e.g. via secure link from a university or original viewed). The onus is on incoming students to ensure that their documentation has been verified as soon as possible . Please see our website on document verification for further information.

Some applicants entering via CAO will also be required to have their documents verified such as those entering on the basis of EU qualifications. We will contact you to advise you of this.

I would like to complete my Graduate studies with UCD.

How do I apply?

Graduate applications are made direct to UCD at Please see the Graduate Studies website for separate FAQs
General Queries  
What is a Programme Board? In UCD we refer to courses as programmes, so you will hear people talk about the Arts programme or the Science programme. The Programme Board is the body which is responsible for designing and running the programme.
When are UCD Open Days?

The main UCD Open Day usually takes place in November with other smaller events held throughout the year.

Campus tours run frequently. It is also possible to arrange a specific campus tour for yourself. For details of all events & tours, please see the Visiting UCD website.

Where can I get a prospectus? The UCD prospectus is available online but if you want a hardcopy please order a prospectus here.
I am a Guidance Counsellor, can I arrange for speaker to come to my school? For contact details to arrange a visit please contact Schools Liaison.
You may also be interested in some of the upcoming events listed on Visiting UCD.
Our information for Guidance Counsellors webpage also has links to recent Alert Lists.
What will my fees be?

That depends on a number of factors, such as whether you are an EU or non-EU student and whether you are eligible for "Free Tuition".

Please see the full schedule of fees.

How do I know if I am an EU or non-EU applicants?
  • Were you born outside the EU/EEA?
  • Have you, or your parents, lived outside the EU/EEA for 3 of the last 5 years?
  • Are you a non-EU/EEA National?
  • Have you previously attended a third–level institution (in Ireland or elsewhere)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should undertake a fee assessment at which will determine whether you are eligible for EU fees. 

If you are deemed to be a non-EU candidate for fees purposes, you should apply directly to UCD - see for more details.

I'm from the UK/Northern Ireland, what will my fees be following Brexit?

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Common Travel Area (CTA) was signed between Ireland and the UK in May (2019). The MoU acknowledged the importance of education noting that “the CTA affords Irish and British citizens the right of access to all levels of education and training, and associated student support in each other’s State on terms no less favourable than those for citizens of that State.

In terms of higher education, this means that notwithstanding Brexit, UK students will still be eligible for the same fee structures as EU students in Ireland.

For the free fees initiative, once students meet all other criteria as set out in the Free Fees Initiative:

  • Students with UK nationality will continue to be eligible under the nationality criteria of the free fees scheme;
  • UK residency will continue to contribute towards fulfilling the ordinarily resident criteria of the scheme.
Where do I get a grant? Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the awarding authority for grants in Ireland.
How do I apply for an Entrance Scholarship? UCD Entrance Scholar: awarded to any candidate who has attained 560 points+ in LC or other exams. There is no money involved in this but it is recorded on the transcript. No application is necessary.

UCD Ad Astra Academic Scholars: scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the academic criteria of 6 H1s in the first sitting of the Leaving Cert, as well as an online application. The application consists of a personal statement and a statement of achievement ‘beyond the classroom’. 

Are there other scholarships in UCD? Yes, we have a range of scholarships and awards.
I am a refugee/asylum seeker. Is there support available for me? You may be eligible to apply for financial support. Please see the website forRefugees and Asylum Seekerswhich also contains details of how to apply.
I have a UCD degree, where can I get my transcript? For most students who graduated since 2000, you can access your transcript online.

If you are a graduate from earlier or have any difficulties with this, please contact

What is UCD Horizons? UCD Horizons is the name given to the modular and credit-based structure for taught degrees at UCD.
What are modules? Modules are the units with a course (or in UCD terminology, programme). For most programmes you will take 12 modules per academic year, worth 5 credits each, so a total of 60 credits per year.
How can I appeal the decision on my application? An applicant is entitled to appeal a decision where they feel that the application has not been considered in line with the published policies.

The appeals process cannot set aside the rules for applicants who appeal for special treatment.

Appeals may be made only by the applicant, in writing and in line with the procedure, using this appeal form

How do I apply for on-campus accommodation? Please see the UCD Residences website.
How is my privacy protected under GDPR? Please see Applicant Privacy Statement

 Updated 25 January 2023