Registry Services A-Z

Below is a list of services that Registry either manages or provides input to.

You may also like to check the UCD Registry Jargon Buster for explanations of frequently used words and phrases like 'trimester' or 'manual registration'. 

Academic Regulations Implementation ( Effective September 2019) Connect username & password required Other
Academic Statement Student Desk
Academic Term Dates Other
Academic Transcripts Student Desk
Accommodation Other
Additional Modules (fees) Fees
Additional Places on Modules Other
Admissions Admissions
UCD Agile Other
Alternate Exam Arrangements Assessment
Appeals Office Other
Applications Admissions
Assessment Homepage Assessment
Assessment Extern Examiner Assessment
Bank Giro Request Fees
Blocked Conferring Fees
Breach of Exam Regulations FAQ Assessment
Calendar of Events Other
Calendar Pages (Programme/Course Content) Student Desk
Canadian Tax Form TL11A Other
Certificate of Attendance Student Desk
Child of Staff/ Spouse of Staff Concession Form Other
Complaints Procedure for Students Student Desk
Conferring Other
Conferring Schedule Other
Connector Information (Student Desk) Student Desk
Contact Registry Other
Contact Student Desk Student Desk
Course Descriptions from previous sessions (Curriculum Archive) Student Desk
Course Information (for Undergraduate Programmes) Other
Courses Eligible for Tax Relief Fees
Current Students Other
Curriculum Team Other
Debt Carry-over Facility Fees
Degree Certificate Student Desk
Degree Verifications Student Desk
Diploma Supplement Student Desk
Disability Support Student Desk
Document Security Student Desk
E-learning Other
Electives Other
Enrolment (Registration) Other
Entry Requirements Other
EU Fees Assessment Fees
Exam Correction Assessment
Exam Penalties (No Student Card/ Mobile Phone) Assessment
Exam Regulations Assessment
Exam Results Assessment
Exam Timetable Information Assessment
Examination Judgements (Statements of Results) Student Desk
Examination Question Papers Assessment
Exams Homepage Assessment
Extern Examiner Assessment
Extern Expenses Assessment
External Examiners - Policy and Regulations Assessment
Fee Billing Schedule Fees
Fee Payment Dates Fees
Fee Payment Methods Fees
Fee Payment Troubleshooting Fees
Fee Payments Fees
Fee Receipt Fees
Fees Fees
Fees for Repeating a Module Fees
Fees Refund Fees
Forms A-Z Other
Form Stamping (Students) Student Desk
Free Fees Fees
Garda Vetting Admissions
Grade Approvals Process Assessment
Grade Entry Facility Assessment
Graduate Details Update Assessment
Graduate Research Fees Assessment
Grant Information Assessment
Hard Copy of Official Document Request Student Desk
HEA Free Fees Fees
Head of School Pack Other
Horizons Other
How to guides Other
How to Pay Fees Fees
How to Register Online Other
IAN (Integrated Assistance Nexus) Other
ID Cards for Students (UCARD) Other
Internal Transfer Other
Invoicing Fees
Leave of Absence Other
Manual Registration and Support Other
Mature Applicants Admissions
Module & Programme Information Student Desk
Module Demand & Capacity Other
Module Descriptors Other
Module Registration Queries Other
Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQ) Assessment
Non-EU Fees Payment Fees
Occasional Fees Fees
Online Documents Student Desk
Online Enrolment Other
Online Registration Guides Other
Opening Hours Student Desk Student Desk
Overseas Applicants Other
Payment of Fees Fees
PayToStudy Fees
Programme Offices Other
Programme Information Other
Prospectus Other
QQI-FET entry Routes Admissions
Re-Admissions Admissions
Refunds Fees
Registrar's Bulletin Other
Registrar's Office Other
Registration Other
Registry Homepage Other
Registry Keydates Other
Registry Team Structures Other
Repeat Fees Fees
Research Scholarships Other
Scholarships Other
School and Programme Liasons Other
SISWeb Disabled (Reset) Student Desk
SISWeb Login Other
Smurfit School (Graduate Business School) Other
Special Examination Needs Assessment
Special External Examiners Form Assessment
Staff Fee Concession Fees
Staff Directory (Registry) Other
Staff Intranet (Registry) Other
Staff Queries Student Desk
Staff Support Other
Statement of Results Student Desk
Student Advisers Other
Student Ambassadors Other
Student Assistance Fund Other
Student Card (UCARD) Other
Student Centre Other
Student Contribution Charge & Student Centre Levy Fees
Student Desk Student Desk
Student Records team Other
Student Recruitment Other
Student Welfare Fund Other
Student System Student Desk
Substitute Fees Fees
SUSI Grant Process Fees
Systems and Data team Other
Systems Access and Training Other
Tax Relief Fees
Term Dates (all years) Other
Terms & Conditions Other
Thesis Submission Assessment
Timetable clashes Other
Training Other
Transcripts Student Desk
Transfers Admissions
Tutor/ Demonstrator Form Fees
Twitter Student Desk
UCD Agile Other
UCD Oakmount Crèche Other
UCD International Office Other
UCD Jargon Buster Other
UCD Library Other
UCD Programme Offices Other
Undergraduate Fees Fees
Undergraduate Programmes Other
UView Student Desk
Visa Information Fees
Withdrawing from a Programme Fees