Form Stamping

What kind of forms does the Student Desk stamp?

We can stamp a wide variety of forms:

  • Canadian Tax forms
  • Child Benefit forms
  • Job Seekers forms
  • J1 forms
  • Medical Card Application

If the form that you need stamping is simply to confirm your attendance/enrollment in UCD, in most cases you can submit your SISWeb Certificate of Attendance in lieu of getting the form stamped. If your Certificate of Attendance is not sufficient and you still require a form stamping, the best way to submit the form is through the Student Desk Connector

Submit forms via the Student Desk Connector

While the best/preferred way to submit a form is through the Student Desk Connector, there are several other ways that you can get your form stamped:

Submit forms via post
Submit forms via Student Desk drop-box
Submit forms via a third party