Registration to Laboratories and Practicals

Students will be automatically registered to Laboratories, Practicals and Tutorials associated with the following modules during the first week(s) of term. Students registered to any of these modules will receive an email when this process is complete.

Autumn Trimester 2020/21

Registration complete - 25 September 2020
Module Code Module Title
BIOL10130 Biology in Action
BIOL10140 Life on Earth
CHEM00010 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM00020 Introductory Chemistry (Ag)
CHEM10040 The Molecular World
CHEM20080 Basis of Physical Chemistry
GEOL10060 Introduction to Earth Sciences
MATH00010 Introduction to Mathematics
MATH10040 Numbers & Functions
MATH10230 Mathematics for Agriculture I
MATH10310 Calculus for Science
MATH10350 Calculus (MPS)
PHYC10050 Astronomy & Space Science
PHYC10070 Foundations of Physics
PHYC10180 Physics for Ag. Science
PHYC20080 Fields, Waves and Light
RDEV10020 Information Skills
STAT10010 Research Methods
Registration complete - 24 September 2020
Module Code Module Title
AESC20060 Soil Science Basics
AESC30220 Soil Science Applications
ANSC30010 Animal Reproduction
BIOL30010 Plant Diseases: Biology and Control
BMOL20060 Biomolecular Lab Skills 1
BMOL20090 Molecular Genetics and Biotech
BMOL30030 Regulation of Gene Expression
BMOL30040 Cell signalling
BMOL30090 Immunology
BSEN20060 Food Physics
CELB20060 Principles of Cell&Mol Biology
CELB30110 Plant Cell Biology
CHEM20040 Organic Chemistry (Level 2)
CHEM20080 Basis of Physical Chemistry
CHEM20090 Chemistry for Biology
CHEM20100 Basis of Inorganic Chemistry
ENVB30110 Food Microbiology
ENVB30140 Analysis of Environmental Materials
ENVB40540 Introduction to Ecological Mapping with open source software (QGIS)
FOR20100 Applied Biostatistics
GENE30010 Genetics
HORT20070 Agricultural Botany
MATH20300 Linear Algebra 2 (Math Sci)
MICR20010 Agricultural Microbiology
NEUR30080 Membrane biology
PHAR30010 Chemotherapeutic agents
PHAR30080 Drugs used in CNS diseases
PHYC20020 Introductory Quantum Mechanics
PHYC20080 Fields, Waves and Light
PHYS20040 Cell and Tissue Physiology
PHYS30010 Cardiovascular Physiology
STAT30080 Models - Survival
STAT30240 Predictive Analytics I
ZOOL20020 Animal Behaviour
ZOOL30030 Evolutionary Biology
ZOOL30050 Diversity of Invertebrates