Checking Your Credits

Updated 14 July 2022

Credits and Modules

Check how many credits/modules you need for your stage:

  • To see how many credits you need for each stage of your programme go to the Course Search and click on the appropriate link, e.g. Undergraduate Programme or Graduate Programmes, to find your programme
    • The normal credit load for each stage of an Undergraduate Degree programme is 60 credits (12 modules). Some programmes may vary. 
  • You will be able to see how many programme credits and how many Elective credits (if that applies) you need to have as well as a list of the Core and Option modules on offer

Check how many credits you currently have for your stage:

  • You can do this through your SISWeb by looking at your Trimester Breakdown, checking your Credit Information or looking at your UView page in SISWeb
  • Students should not normally be registered to more than 80 (including resits) credits over the two trimesters (some programmes may allow more than this)
  • Check how many credits you have for each trimester and try to keep your workload balanced e.g. 30/30

Check if you need to pay for any extra credit you are taking:

  • Free Fees (full-time Undergraduates only) will cover you for the minimum amount of credits that you need to attempt and pass for your degree (normally 60 credits per year). See the Check how many credits/modules you need section above
  • Any additional credits taken in excess of this limit i.e. extra Elective modules, extra Option modules, Substituted modules, Resits or Repeats must be paid for in full by the student. See the Check how many credits you currently have section above.
  • Read more about Free Fees on the UCD Website

Check the deadline for dropping modules:

  • September starts
    • Drop any Autumn Trimester modules that you don't want by 11 November 2022 to avoid being charged for them
    • You should drop unwanted Spring Trimester modules by 31 March 2023
    • If you decide to withdraw from your Programme, you should do this on or before 11 November 2022 to avoid being liable for fees. Get advice from your College/School Office first
  • January and May start students should check the registration key dates for relevant deadlines

Check about withdrawing from a module

  • You can withdraw from a module before the end of week 12 of a trimester, or before the last day of teaching in a trimester, with no academic implications.
  • If you register to take the module again this will be treated as a first attempt.
  • Normally, a module fee will be incurred when you withdraw from a module after week 8* of teaching in a trimester. No additional fee will apply if you retake the same module again. Substitute fees will apply when you take up an alternative module.
  • An automatic withdrawn grade (WN) will go onto your record should you withdraw from the module after week 8*. Potential progression issues may arise should you withdraw from modules late within the trimester.
  • *Due to teaching arrangements for Autumn 2022/23, if you withdraw from an Autumn module after 11 November 2022 the module fee and WN grade will apply. 

Check for advice:

Check when you need to complete module registration:
Check the website for the registration key dates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Student Desk. We are happy to help.