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Problems Making Payments

Problems Making Payments

    1. If paying by Credit Card with 3DSecure you will need an additional password. This operates in the same way as PayPal where you are directed to an external site to enter an additional password. If you have not set up this password you will need to contact your card issuer to address this. All queries relating to 3DSecure issues must be directed to your card issuer. You should also be aware of any personal daily credit card transaction limits which may apply to your bank account specifically.

    2. When making payments by card you should be aware that there is a daily limit on card transactions imposed by your bank. You can get around this by making a series of transactions smaller than €1,500. Alternatively you should contact your bank and ask them to authorise a larger payment amount.

    3. Please ensure that you advise your bank of your impending transaction so that they do not place a security block on your card. This is especially important for transfers for international students.

    4. Using the “back” button to allow you correct an error when entering credit card details will generate a payment error. You must close your browser, wait for 10 minutes, log back into SISWeb and start a new session.

      (a) Referral A: This is a response that you can receive when a transaction is sent for authorisation. When an authorisation receives a Referral A the card has been marked as lost, stolen or cancelled. Payment will not be taken.

      (b) Referral B: This is the response received from the Card Issuer when a payment is sent for authorisation as part of the online payment process. It means the Card Issuer is refusing to automatically authorise the payment.

      Please note - UCD cannot override or manually authorise any online transaction that receives a Referral B response.

      UCD’s payment system operates in a totally online environment (eCommerce) where Referral B responses are treated as a decline.

      Please see to other methods of payment – www.ucd.ie/students/fees/howtopay.html

    5. Ensure that your email address is displayed correctly. If you are entering or correcting your email address please double-check it to ensure that it is accurate. Duplicate receipts for credit card payments cannot be issued.

    6. Please ensure that you check your credit/debit card balance and credit available before making a payment.

    7. UCD does not have access to your credit card details; only details of single transactions made directly to UCD.

    8. You can check that your payment has been received by logging back into your student account in SIS.

    9. Once payments are made online, changes to your registration are not instantaneous but are updated overnight.

    10. Make sure the appropriate fee payment is made as per the payment dates on the fees website.

    11. If you are eligible for funding or sponsorship make sure to submit the relevant documentation to the Fee Payments Office.

    12. Check if the sponsorship/funding has been registered to your account as this may potentially reduce your fee liability.

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