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Third Party Guidance

Guidance for Parents/Guardians

  • In line with Data Protection regulations, the Student Desk is not able to discuss the specific details of a student's account with anyone other than the student, unless we receive permission to do so from the student directly.  

  • Information we cannot discuss includes confirming the outstanding balance on a student's account or confirming any payments that were received.

  • If a student would like a third party to be able to discuss their account with the Student Desk, they can set up a parental authorisation password in SISWeb.  See "what is parental authorisation" below for more details.

We are not permitted to discuss a student's record with third parties (including parents and guardians) unless we receive permission from the student to do so.

If a student would like their parent, caregiver or another third party to be able to discuss the details of their account (Registration, fees, etc) with the Student Desk, they can set up a parental authorisation password in SISWeb by following the steps below:

  • Log into SISWeb
  • Go to the "Registration, Fees & Assessment"tab
  • Go to "My Registration > Privacy & Security" (found under the personal information heading)
  • Create/enter a parental authorisation password 

The student can then share this password with whomever they would like to be able to discuss the details of their account.  When a third party contacts the Student Desk about a student's account, the third party will be asked to confirm the parental authorisation password.

This is an opt-in service. Parental authorisation on all students' accounts is, by default, set to 'no'. If a student leaves this set at 'no', then UCD can not discuss any part of the student's record with a third party. A student can add or remove parental authorisation at any time.

Verifying a Student's Documents/Qualifications

  • All students who studied from 2000 onward have access to electronic versions of their official documents. 

  • These documents are completely secure and verifiable.

  • Each document contains a Person ID and a unique, 16 digit, alphanumeric Document ID. 

  • If you receive an electronic document from a student, you can verify the authenticity of the document by going to www.ucd.ie/verify and entering the Person ID and Document ID.

  • UCD can not send a student's electronic documents to third parties.  Rather, a student must send their electronic documents to a third party themselves.

  • UCD does not provide manual verifications of qualifications for students who studied from 2000 onward. This is because students who studied post 2000 have access to secure and verifiable electronic documents. 

  • For further information on how to verify a student's electronic documents, see the section directly above, "how to verify a student's electronic documents", or visit the document security   page.

  • If you are looking for the qualification details of a student who studied prior to 2000, submit your request via the qualification verification application form.   Once you submit your request, we will send you an email to confirm the qualification details that you are looking for.  Details are usually sent within 3-5 business days of the request being submitted.

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