Syllabus Information

Did you study before 2000?

If you studied before 2000 and need syllabus information, email with the details that you're looking for.

Did you study between 2000 - 2006?

If you studied between 2000/01 and 2005/06, you can find detailed syllabus informationation for each year of your programme by using the drop down menu below.

Did you study between 2006 - the current academic sessions?

If you studied from 2006/07 until the last academic session, you can find syllabus information in the Curriculum Archive link below.  If you are looking for information from the current academic sessions, use the course Search link below.

Curriculum Archive (Modular) Course information for students that entered UCD post 2006 until the last academic session
Course Search Course information for the current academic session