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Discovery modules

Discovery modules are exciting modules that you can take as Electives. These modules are on topics of global significance such as Childhood, War and Climate Change  and will include lectures on cutting-edge research or current affairs. Each module is taught by more than one school within UCD and is designed to deepen your understanding of different disciplinary perspectives on topics of significant importance.

DSCY10040 - Childhood

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

Childhood is viewed in conflicting ways in the 21st century – as a time of great opportunity but also a time of significant vulnerability. Educators, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and medical practitioners all regard childhood and the experiences of children as significant. Read more.

DSCY10050 - War: Ancient and modern

Autumn and Spring (separate), Level 1, Credits 5

Wars and armed conflicts remain a subject of great topicality. From the Middle East to Africa conflicts of different sizes and levels of intensity continue, while in Eastern Europe, the possibility of war remains a permanent threat. Read more.

DSCY10060 - Energy, Climate Change & Policy

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

Climate Change will be one of the defining challenges facing the world over the course of the 21st century. The effects of climate change are already being felt and such effects are expected to grow. Read more.

DSCY10070 - Materials in Society

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

How have people historically and in today’s societies understood materials, their properties, uses and potential? How have people used their existing knowledge, ingenuity and technological skills to extract, modify and transform materials into useful things that have shaped the world? Read more.

DSCY10080 - Gateways to Japan

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

Japan has a unique strategic position in Asia at a time of rapid global geo-political shift and increasing projected growth in 21st century Asian dominance. Japan has a very stable and successful political and economic system with a highly developed and innovative science and technology. Read more.

DSCY10100 - Storytelling

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

Storytelling is core to the human experience. We express ourselves and communicate through different kinds of stories, from novels and news bulletins to fairy tales and conversations with friends, and it is in ‘telling a good story’ that we are able to connect with other people. Read more.

DSCY10110 - Madness and Medicine

Autumn, Level 1, Credits 5

The teenage years dominate popular culture, and teenagers and their healthcare are a concern in healthcare systems. Transition planning, concerns about the strengths of services at this critical developmental period, and the advent of independent identities as teenagers transition to adult services are all points of concern. Read more.


DSCY10120 - Contagion & Control

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

The explosive outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed the world we inhabit. Within months of its first report in late December 2019, SARS-CoV-2 infected hundreds of millions of bodies, triggered quarantine of billions of people, and wiped out trillions of dollars of market value. Read more.

DSCY10130 - Understanding Homelessness

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

What do you know about homelessness? What does that word mean to you? What image comes to mind? What does it mean to have a home? We know that homelessness is a challenging issue involving children, adults, and families and an increasing public health problem. Read more.

DSCY10150 - Hope

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

This module explores the nature and role of hope for science and society in a post-pandemic world. The teaching team will reflect on hope drawing on their expertise in art history, biochemistry, computer science, law, philosophy, physics, politics, sociology and veterinary medicine. Read more.

DSCY10160 - Refugee Displacement

Spring, Level 1, Credits 5

Globally, increasing numbers of are fleeing their homes to seek safety as refugees. UNHCR estimates that more than 100 million people are now displaced. This module is designed to introduce students to the topic of refugee displacement both nationally and internationally. Read more.

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