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Update Personal Details

How to update your personal details

You can update many of the personal details on your account yourself in the My Profile section of   SISWeb. To access My Profile, log into SISWeband click on the photo of yourself in the top right corner, here you can edit:

  • Permanent and/or term address
  • Personal email address
  • Mobile number

For information on how to update any details that you are not able to update yourself (name, date of birth, etc) refer to sections below:

How to update your name or date of birth on your account

While you are unable to update details such as your name or date of birth yourself, we can do so on your behalf. If you notice that your name or date of birth has been recorded incorrectly, simply provide us with a government issued ID (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) which confirms your name and/or date of birth and we will be happy to update your details for you. You can choose to bring your documentation in to the Student Desk or you can contact us via the Student Desk Connector with copies of your documentation attached.

How to update the details on your student record

  • If you are a graduate and would like to update your name or date of birth you will need to contact the NUI directly. You must submit a (opens in a new window)change of personal details form to the NUI, accompanied by official supporting documentation. For a list of acceptable supporting documentation, please see the section Accepted Documentation.
  • The NUI will inform UCD of the amendments and will request that we update your record accordingly.
  • There is no fee for updating the details on your student record.

How to update the details on your parchment

  • If you are a graduate and would like to change the name and/or gender on your degree parchment or certificate and have it reissued, you must submit a (opens in a new window)change of personal details form, to the NUI to be considered by the University Senate. Each request must be accompanied by official supporting documentation (for a list of acceptable documentation, please see the section Accepted Documentation).
  • The fee to reissue your parchment after changing your personal details is 50 per reissue.
  • The Senate meets three times a year, in January, April & November. Once the Senate has approved your request, you must return your original parchment to the NUI. Your record will not be amended and new documentation will not be issued until the approval process is complete.
  • All future correspondence and, if registered, Seanad Election documentation will be issued in your updated name. You can also have an English version of your original Latin parchment issued under your updated name. The fee for an English version of the graduate qualification is50.
  • Please note that the original Latin version of the degree parchment will remain under the same name as was issued on the day of conferring unless a specific request is made to update and re-issue the Latin parchment.
  • The NUI will inform UCD of the amendments and will request that we update your record accordingly.

Accepted Documentation

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Deed Poll
  • Gender Recognition Certificate
  • National Identity Card (Country Dependent)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Any other form of documentation deemed necessary to process the request

Change of personal details general regulations

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to fully complete the application form and to provide the relevant supporting documentation e.g. birth certificate, passport, drivers license, deed poll, marriage certificate, gender recognition certificate or any other form of official documentation deemed necessary by the NUI.
  • All parchment/certificate re-issue requests that contain amended personal details will be submitted to the University Senate for approval.
  • NUI will inform the records and Alumni offices in UCD of any amendments they make to your record so that we can update your student record accordingly.
  • All original parchments and or certificates must be returned to NUI by the graduate before the amended ones are issued.
  • A change of personal details request cannot be submitted to include an official title (e.g. King, Prince, Lady etc.) or any initials, brackets, or adjuncts (e.g. Jnr, Snr, IV).

If you have any questions about updating your personal details or requesting to have your parchment reissued, please contact the NUI directly using the contact details found below:

National University of Ireland
49 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 4392424
Email: (opens in a new window)records@nui.ie
Web: (opens in a new window)www.nui.ie

Gender identity & expression are essential to experiencing well-being & fulfillment. UCD is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment.

If as a trans or gender non-binary student you wish to change your first name &/or gender on official university documents & across the university systems we can process your request without the need for gender recognition certificates. 

For information on the (opens in a new window)Gender Identity and Expression Policy & how to change your name/gender, please Ask Us.

Contact the Student Desk

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