The Academic Council Committee on Examinations (ACCE), as per its terms of reference are responsible for discharging the following major functions on behalf of Academic Council (AC):

  • Approval of Intern Examiners for the examination of taught modules
  • Approval of  Research Degree Examination Committees, including Special Extern Examiners
  • Nominates Subject Extern Examiners to the NUI
  • Oversee assessment practices across the University. Considers all Post-Examination Board changes to grades that are to the detriment of a student and either approve or reject such changes
  • Exercises some or all of the functions as outlined in its terms of reference in respect of any Recognised College as specified by Academic Council
  • Acts as the University's examination board dealing with the award of Research Degrees
  • Approval aegrotat and posthumous awards (see FAQ section for definitions) 
  • Adjudicate where such disagreements arise between Programme Examination Boards and Schools

 The ACCE is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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