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Research Thesis - Report Forms

Paper thesis submissions and paper examiners report forms discontinued
UCD Examiners Report forms have been incorporated into the eThesis Exam System. Joint Degree Reports and Preliminary Reports (where required) should also be entered into the eThesis Exam System.

The university has endorsed the use of eThesis Examination system for the following reasons:

  • The system workflow is aligned with the university’s Academic Regulations to ensure the examination process is compliant.
  • Submission and examination is possible from any geographical location.
  • Security, GDPR compliance and Data protection are ensured through the system.
  • Faster processing times from submission to award date.
  • Greater transparency and tracking throughout the process for all stakeholders.
  • Enhanced data reporting on UCD research degrees.
  • Wide dissemination and enhanced discoverability of research following transfer to the UCD Research Repository (RRU) on award approval.
  • The move from paper based to the eThesis System is in line with UCD's Strategy 2020-2024 -Transforming through Digital Technology
  • This new process is more eco-friendly which is very relevant at this time.

In alignment with approved UCD strategic objectives as outlined by the President under Enabler 04, 'all data and documents will be stored, accessed, processed, and transmitted electronically'.
From 01 September 2021, UCD will no longer accept paper based thesis submissions and paper based joint Degree Reports (also known as paper based Research Degree reports). Any such copies received will be returned to sender.

The eThesis Joint Degree Report structure and guidanceprovides the headings to assist Exam Committees with drafting the online eThesis joint Degree Report. The Exam Committee can use this as a reference to complete the joint Degree Report separate from the eThesis system. Once completed, the Chair will then need to log on toeThesis - My Exam Committee Tasks and complete the online joint Degree Report form.

Exceptional Circumstances - Applying for paper-based forms
If there are exceptional circumstances in which an Exam Committee requires a paper report, please contact (opens in a new window)acce@ucd.ie for a copy of the relevant paper report with a rationale for paper report usage (see criteria below).

The eThesis Exam System provides GDPR compliance in relation to: data protection, security, and retention, since all reporting and viewing is designed to be completed within the system. Documents should not be downloaded to devices unless absolutely necessary and local data security arrangements should be in place to manage this. If data are downloaded or otherwise extracted from the system, the responsibility for data retention and security lies with the individual.

Exceptional Circumstances - Paper-Based Forms
Where a pre-exam research thesis or the post-exam joint Degree Report cannot be submitted via eThesis Exam system due to exceptional circumstances, a written request to use paper-based format must be made. A rationale for this request must be provided to (opens in a new window)acce@ucd.ie by the Supervisor/Chair of the Examination Committee. 

Please complete the following to apply for a paper-based format submission:

  • Student name
  • Student number
  • Degree type
  • Role of person requesting
  • Route 
    • pre-examination paper format by Supervisor
    • report by Chair of Exam Committee
  • Rationale
  • Supporting evidence for request

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