Examination results are released in UCD after each trimester. The dates when they are released can be found on the Assessment Key Dates 19/20

Important Information on Spring Trimester Provisional Results

For Spring Trimester modules, Provisional Results will be available on Monday, 22 June 2020. You will receive an email at some point during the day containing a secure personalised link which will bring you directly to your results page. This is the only way in which you will be able to access your results on the day.

The personalised page will contain such information as your module and component results, your Stage and Trimester GPAs, and your Award GPA where relevant.

From 23 June onwards until 5pm on Thursday, 25 June, you will be able to access your results, and transcripts, where relevant, through the normal SISWeb channels. Final results will also be released through SISWeb on Tuesday, 14 July.

Common issues that may occur relating to accessing your results:

Problem Solution
You can’t remember your login details Your SISWeb password is the same as your password for your UCD email account. You can reset your password using the "Forgot Password" link on SISWeb. If you are having difficulty, contact the IT Services Helpdesk at ithelpdesk@ucd.ie or (+353) 1 716 2700.
My personalised link isn’t working The system may be busy.  Please try again a few minutes later.
I haven’t yet received an email with my personalised link Emails will be sent throughout the day on Monday, 22 June. You will receive an email before close of business.
I haven’t received an email by close of business on Monday, 22 June Please contact the Student Desk Connector for assistance.
I have logged in, but can’t see any results You may have a hold on your Student Record due to outstanding fees or documentation you have not submitted (e.g. original transcripts). Such holds will be flagged to you on to SISWeb and you can contact the Student Desk for assistance.
Some of my module results are missing. If you have any queries in relation to your final grade, you should contact the School or relevant Module Coordinator. Consult the online Module Descriptor for the particular module you wish to query, this will show both the School and Module Coordinator names.
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