Since August 2016, standard programme withdrawal requests can be made by students via their SISWeb account with these requests managed by the appropriate Programme Office, School Office or Graduate School via InfoHub. Information on the UCD Withdrawal Policy can be found on the University Secretariat website and there are detailed guides available for staff and students and directions, on the staff view, are given below. 
Please note that information of the fee implications of a withdrawal request can be found on the Fees website

To view applications submitted for review

  1. Log into InfoHub and select the Students tab
  2. Choose Registration & Class Lists and click on Student Decisions
  3. Select Student Decisions –Withdrawals to see the applications for your area 
    This screen gives you an overview of all requests that relate to a particular academic year (including historical applications for that year)
  4. To view a new application for a particular programme, click on the number that appears under Submitted, for Review
  5. To view an individual request, select the relevant Application Number (on the left hand side of the screen)
  6. You can edit an application if necessary via this screen by selecting Edit Answers under General Questions

Updating requests with withdrawal status

  1. Once the request has been reviewed by the local office or the relevant Committee, it can be put forward for withdrawal
  2. To add a decision, access the individual application and then select Add Decision and select the appropriate decision from the drop down menu
  3. Add any necessary comments e.g. date of meeting and, where necessary, the name of the individual Board
  4. The status Withdrawal Confirmed means that it has gone to Registry for action
  5. When a withdrawal is processed by Registry, the student will also receive a notification confirming the change to their registration. The student can view the status of their request via InfoHub
  6. As all applications are made and recorded within SISWeb/InfoHub, Registry is automatically informed of these decisions for action. There is no need to complete templates or communicate separately with Registry on decisions made through this system
  7. When these requests are updated by Registry, the status will changed to Withdrawal Processed


  • The withdrawal date for the student will be effective from the date they submitted their application (if an office needs to correct this date then information on this can be found in the staff guide)
  • Withdrawal reports are available in InfoHub and can be exported to Excel for use locally e.g. for a meeting where such requests are considered
  • If a student is seeking a retrospective withdrawal from their programme then they will need to use the paper form that can be found on the University Secretariat website
  • A student is normally required to return their UCARD to their Programme or School Office when they withdraw from a programme. UCARDs returned to Programme or School Offices should be sent directly to the UCARD Bureau

> Further instructions on processing online applications for Withdrawals