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The Student Records team is primarily responsible for ensuring the integrity of each student’s record, encompassing all areas of the student record life cycle. These include Programme, Major and Module registration, Fee Record Management and Degree Compliance.

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Guide to UCD Registration Statuses
Find out more about the types of statuses on a student record
  Student Types
Did you know there are 4 types of students in UCD? Find out more

There is an inherent relationship between the Level Code attached to a programme/student in Banner, and the National Framework Qualification (NFQ) level.Read more about how this relationship works.

There is a 'one-stop' site available for students considering taking leave of absence. This provides information/links on the implications of doing so, the procedure involved and the application forms required, plus the official university policy.

A formal withdrawal policy/procedure was approved at Academic Council in December 2011.(opens in a new window)Read more about the UCD Withdrawal Procedure. It mostly has the effect of giving formal recognition to existing practices and procedures, with the main points for consideration remaining unchanged (except for students withdrawing on a temporary basis). These are as follows:

  • Students who are considering or who have decided on a withdrawal from college need to contact their College/School Office. Those who decide to withdraw need to complete the official Withdrawal Form in SISWeb and return their Student Card.
  • The decision to withdraw usually has implications for the student’s fees. They remain liable for fees up to and including the date on which the College/School Office receives notification. Read more about thefee implications of withdrawing from a programme.

Students considering a temporary withdrawal should apply for a leave of absence.

We create records for Visiting Students. These are students from other institutions who undertake research in UCD for a period of six months or less, and who receive no qualification or award*. They are required to register as students while they are here. If you need assistance in this area, please contact us.

The bulk of student records are created from information held in other databases and uploaded into Banner e.g. the CAO, the Online Applications system. For assistance in this area, please contact the Admissions Office.

The Staff SRI (Student Record Information) Form is another means by which records can be created, and is generally used where information cannot be uploaded e.g. students do not apply via Online Applications for a particular course of study. Please contact (opens in a new window)martin.hurley@ucd.ieif you have any queries in relation to this.

*Please note that Visiting Students also appears as a category in the Online Applications system, but in that case, it refers to a different type of student - students who apply for Erasmus and other exchange programmes. Their records are uploaded from Online Applications.

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