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In the past, the management of research student records has not enabled the proper financial management of research student tuition income. A significant consequence of this was that no Schools have received the benefit, in the RAM, of taught modules taken by research students. 

This issue has been addressed by ensuring that all research students have a research subject (one of the modules which ends in an R) on their record. (Some students may have more in order to reflect the nature of their study). This research subject identifies the academic area in which the student is working and, hence, the School to which income will be allocated. 

The following actions will be required by Schools: 

  • Run reports for students in the School
  • Check the Research Subject registration on students
  • If incorrect – drop and enter the correct subject
  • If omitted – add the subject to the record 

Why is this research subject important? 

If a student is not registered to their Research Subject(s) the School will receive no income for their research.

  • If a student is registered to the wrong Research Subject(s) this will affect the RAM process; each subject belongs to a price grouping which controls the allocation of funds in the RAM. This is also an issue for external funding – if students are not on the correct Research Subject we may not get the correct HEA funding.
  • Students must be registered to the correct Research Subject(s) in order for this subject to appear on the formal Research Academic Transcript. 

What needs to happen?

Staff in Schools/Graduate Schools should check their students’ registration and amend if necessary as described above.

What reports are available? 

To assist with the management of the registration of Graduate Research students there are two reports available in InfoHub

  1. The College Level report gives a summary by School within a given College. It is particularly useful for identifying the number of students in each School who are not yet registered to a Research Subject and therefore not included in the RAM process. 

  2. The School Level report provides a summary by Major within a given School. It is particularly useful for identifying students who are registered to their Major but who do not yet have a Research Subject on their record. For students who are registered to a Research Subject, the price group that the subject belongs to is displayed.

How do I find and use the Reports? 

The reports are available in InfoHub. (Go to UCD Connect, select InfoHub from the list of applications displayed and login.)

Finding the College Level report:

  • Click on Students from the list of options across the top of the screen and then Registration Information
  • From there, select Graduate Research Registration Tracking - College Summary 

    The College report can be also accessed via this (opens in a new window)link 

Finding the School Level report:

  • Follow the steps above to Registration Information
  • From there, select Graduate Research Registration Tracking - School Summary

    The School report can be also accessed via the following (opens in a new window)link 

Using the Reports 

  • The reports will give an overview of the number of students registered in your College or School
  • It will show a breakdown of the number of students who are:
     > Provisionally Registered only
     > Registered but have no Research Subject
     > Registered including a Research Subject

-  The provisionally registered students and those who are registered but have no Research Subject should be of particular interest as the School does not receive income for their research until their registration is complete
-  More detail on these students, including the student number and name as well as the price group of the Research Subject (if registered), can be obtained by clicking on the number under the relevant column heading 

Can I save a report as an Excel file? 

Yes - click on the CSV button at the bottom of the report. This will open a .csv file with the data you want. Go to File and select Save As to save it to your PC in the format you require e.g. .xls. 

How is the Research Subject amended? 

  • The InfoView report ‘RSR200 - Graduate Research Activity Modules’ which is run by School/College and Term will show the Research Subjects attached to your School together with the CRNs for each term
  • In SFAREGS the incorrect Research Subject should be DD’d and the correct one inserted. Both Credit Hours and Bill Hours should be set to .000 with the Status ‘RE’ or ‘PE as appropriate 

For more information or assistance please contact your College Liaison. 


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