Disability Support

All students with a disability or significant ongoing illness in UCD have the opportunity to receive relevant academic and/or exam supports. To receive these supports students are invited to complete a needs assessment with UCD Access & Lifelong Learning. To make an appointment for a needs assessment, please email us at disability@ucd.ie. 

Please note: We have recently made some changes to the documents required to register for supports. You can find details on our UCD Evidence of Disability Form

As part of Special Arrangements due to COVID-19, the UCD Access and Lifelong Learning Centre is currently closed until further notice. However, we are monitoring our email disability@ucd.ie regularly and encourage students to contact us there should they need support.

General FAQs about COVID-19 Special Arrangements in UCD

FAQs specific to Access & Lifelong Learning students

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You can register with the service at any time but it is best to register as early as possible so that any supports you require can be put in place without delay.

Follow these two steps to register:

  1. Ensure you have the correct supporting documentation. Required documents are listed on our UCD Evidence of Disability Form
  2. Make an appointment by e-mailing disability@ucd.ie. You will then be asked to complete a short form on SIS Web and upload your documents there. 
  3. Following this we will contact you with details of your appointment time/date. 

All students who wish to register with UCD Access & Lifelong Learning for disability support will need to agree to both the Consent to Release Information Form and Privacy Statement.

International students should note that the supports available through your home institutions may be different to those available in UCD. It is important to note that the extra time available to students with disabilities in timed exams in UCD is 10 minutes per hour.

All students with a disability in UCD have the opportunity to receive supports. Please complete the form below to see how you can apply for disability support.

Type of Disability

Please choose the category which best describes your disability.

Do you have any of the following documentation?

At your Needs Assessments you will agree on a plan for your exam accommodations. These accommodations might include extra time (set at 10 minutes extra per hour), use of the alternative exam location on campus, use of a reader etc. 

Students who require exam accommodations are advised to book a Needs Assessment appointment by week 6 of the current semester. Students who contact us after this date cannot be guaranteed their exam accommodations in the end of semester exams.

Checking to make sure you are still registered for exam supports:

To check whether you are still registered for exam supports please log on to SIS Web, go to the Registration, Fees & Assessment tab and click on 'My Exam Supports'. If no supports are listed please email disability@ucd.ie immediately. If you have been on a Leave of Absence or have changed course your supports may not have updated this year. 

If you have availed of temporary exam supports these will be removed in the weeks following your exams - you will need to contact us to request a Needs Assessment appointment to avail of ongoing disability supports, including exam supports. 

Please check your emails regularly for updates. You will hear for UCD ALL for information on using alternative exam arrangements for the offical exam periods at the end of each semester. You will directly from UCD Assessment for official exams outside of the two week period at the end of each semester. For locally arranged exams, tests and midterms you must contact your module cooridantor to request supports, providing your Certificate of Disability Support, as soon as possible to allow time for arrangements to be made.

For more information, please see our Alternative Exam Arrangements Page. 

At your Needs Assessments you will agree on a plan for your classroom accommodations. Examples of classroom accommodations used by students in UCD are:

  • Permission to use Assistive Technology such as a recording device in lectures, if eligible. 
  • Provision of an Irish Sign Language (ISL) Interpreter and/or Note Taker for Deaf students, if eligible.
  • Provision of required reading in an alternative format for Blind or visually impaired students, if eligible.
  • The student’s lecturer is made aware of their disability, if desired.

All international students have the opportunity to receive supports. To avail of supports, international students are also required to follow the general guidelines on registering for disability supports, as outlined in the sections above.

It is important to note that as a student in UCD you will be able to avail of the same supports as other students with disabilities in Ireland, following national legislation and best practice. Supports in Ireland can differ to those available in other countries. For example, extra time in exams is set nationally in Ireland at 10 minutes extra per hour. 

If you're a UCD student with disability support going on Erasmus or to Study Abroad and wish to seek advice on managing your disability while away please come to see us during our drop-in hour or email disability@ucd.ie to set up an appointment. 

For information on what supports may be available to you in the University in which you will be studying, please contact the disability services of that institution. UCD Global will also be able to advise you on who to contact. 

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning has prepared a selection of guides for students on how to manage particular disabilities in college. Click on the links to download guides on each of the following disabilities:

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