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UCD Staff - Work with us!

UCD Staff - Work with us!

Are you passionate about widening participation in your college, school or unit? Do you have an idea for an initiative that could help to share your subject with communities beyond UCD? We are always looking to collaborate with members of UCD Faculty and staff to find new and exciting ways to engage with underrepresented communities and to broaden our learning community.

On this page you will find out about:

  • How to join our WP Outreach Coordinating Network
  • Our toolkit for organising an Outreach initiative
  • Examples of successful Outreach projects
  • Details of our existing Community Partners

Staff Outreach Resources

If you have an idea for a new outreach initiative in your College, School, or Unit, may wish to link in with your WP Outreach Coordinating Network representative and your UCD ALL outreach liaison for support and guidance to ensure that your project is a success.

List of WP Outreach Network Reps for 2022/23