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Case Study 1 | Authentic Assessment in Business Education - the Integrated Case Study - A Capstone Project

Case Study 2 | Outside Their Comfort Zone: Diverse and Engaging Approaches for Students Learning Through a Different Discipline

Case Study 3 | An Exploration of Student Growth through Assessment -  Modular Redesign to Incorporate Problem Based Learning, Self-Directed Assessment and Personal Reflection.

Case Study 4 | Where Universal Design, Inclusive Assessment and Adult Education Principles Coincide Professional Skills and Authentic Assessment

Case Study 5 | Student-led Learning Utilising Inclusive Assessment and Group Work to Promote Autonomous Learning and Student Engagement

Case Study 6 | Student Engagement with an Assessment Lexicon_ a Structured Self-assessment to Help Demystify the Assessment Process

Case Study 7 | Using Screencasts as a Means to Make Third Level Student Learning More Inclusive

Case Study 8 | Inclusive Assessment of ‘Live Brief’ Undergraduate Projects

Case Study 9 | Assessment as Learning - Measuring your own success

Case Study 10 | A Scaffolded Approach to Teaching Design and Design Techniques to Reluctant Designers

Case Study 11 | Last Semester’s Feedback… a Tool for this Semester

Case Study 12 | Group-work Presentations (Poster or Oral) to Enhance Variety and Choice of Assessment in a Programme

Case Study 13 | Podcasts can Assess Module Learning Outcomes as Effectively as Essays

Case Study 14 | Moving Away from Solely MCQ-based Exams Short Answer Questions for Enhancing the Variety of Assessment Methods in the Large Classroom

Case Study 15 | Adapting Assessments on a University Access course to Facilitate Great Reflection and Engagement

About this publication

On the 30th of May 2023 the University for All team launched an exciting new book: Making Inclusive Higher Education a Reality: Creating a University for All, edited by Anna M. Kelly, Lisa Padden and Bairbre Fleming.