Mission, Vision and Values

Dr Anna Kelly and Dr Bairbre Fleming alongside a group of student Access Leaders.

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning's primary function is to be the bridge to inclusion; offering connections, engagement and building relationships between communities that are distant from higher education and the University community. This is achieved by:

  • Developing and implementing a range of responses to widen access and ensure participation by diverse student cohorts, including students with disabilities, mature students, part-time learners, and students from communities experiencing socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Supporting and enabling the University to integrate and embed the principles of equity of access and universal design throughout the institution.

At Access and Lifelong Learning, we understand and support UCD’s mission to adhere to a set of shared values. As such, collegiality, creativity, diversity, engagement, excellence and integrity underpin everything we do in ALL

  • Collegiality - ALL promotes this value through developing quality relationships internally amongst our staff, community partners, stakeholders and nurturing interactions between our staff and UCD students
  • Creativity - ALL expresses this value through the opportunities to develop inventive ways to go beyond the expected in creating positive experiences for UCD students
  • Diversity - ALL reflects this value through the celebration of UCD’s diverse cohort of students and by creating initiatives that serve the needs of these students
  • Engagement - ALL practices this value through harnessing the talents of our staff to motivate and engage our underrepresented communities, community links, cultural partners and external stakeholders
  • Excellence - ALL interprets this value through appreciating that excellence is not easy to attain but is required through hard work, ingenuity and skill to service UCD’s students
  • Integrity - ALL exemplifies this value through maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in how we interact with students and colleagues

The UCD Access and Lifelong Learning Centre is located in the heart of the UCD Belfield Campus, in the James Joyce Library Building. Our opening hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

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