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On Campus Accommodation

On-Campus Accommodation

For Incoming HEAR students and Students' with Physical or Sensory Disabilities

Accommodation for Incoming Students who have entered through the HEAR Pathway

UCD Residences offers a variety of room options across several residence villages on the Belfield and Blackrock campuses. 

Prices vary depending on the facilities offered in each of the residences, for example, private bathroom or shared bathroom options,  but all bedrooms are single occupancy, i.e. one person per bedroom. 

Merville and Belgrove residences are the shared bathroom accommodation options on the Belfield campus and are priced at the starting point of room rates. These apartments consist of four bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

Students entering UCD through the HEAR pathway are offered rooms in Merville and Belgrove as a first option. Priority is given to first-year students.

Click here for a list of prices for 2022/2023 academic year.

(opens in a new window)Click here for more information on Belgrove.

(opens in a new window)Click here for more information on Merville.

Please note there is no discounted rate for students entering through the HEAR pathway so students and families should be aware of the fees before accepting a room. Information about UCD accommodation costs.

For more information please contact residenceroombooking@ucd.ie

On-Campus Accommodation for Students’ with Physical or Sensory Disabilities

UCD Residences have a number of wheelchair accessible rooms available for booking across the UCD Residence Villages. Priority for accessible rooms is given to students with a physical disability (for instance students with mobility disabilities) or sensory disability (students who are blind/ visually impaired or students who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing) who require the adapted features of the room. Wheelchair users should be advised to choose a room on the ground floor, if possible. Students with temporary injuries are not eligible for an accessible room.

These rooms are available to incoming, continuing, postgraduate students, and single trimester students.  If you are an international student who requires a room with adapted features please contact UCD Global and the residence room booking team at residenceroombooking@ucd.ie

Please note, if a student requires a full-time Personal Assistant who needs to stay in Residences overnight, the student must book a separate room for their Personal Assistant. This room will be charged at the same rate as the student’s room, meaning the student must pay for the price of two rooms.

If you require a Service Dog, there are some single occupancy studio apartments which students with Service Dogs can book. Students who utilise a Service Dog and who are considering attending University College Dublin must contact UCD Access & Lifelong Learning prior to accepting their offer to discuss their individual needs and to ensure that any necessary supports that they require can be made fully available to them and their Service Dog.  For more information on having a service dog on campus please contact (opens in a new window)disability@ucd.ie. More information can also be found in the Animals on Campus Policy.

Please note that students residing in these rooms are not offered any reduction in fees nor receive any additional supervision or support from UCD Residences.

Click here for a current list of prices, 2022-2023

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General queries about student residences and rooms should be directed to (opens in a new window)residenceroombooking@ucd.ie

If you require an Accessible Room please contact (opens in a new window)residenceroombooking@ucd.ie to book.