Please contact our team at to discuss how we can support you with the following; 

  • Collection of requested blank MCQ answer sheets
  • Drop off of answer sheets for scanning, or
  • Collection of corrected sheets

A member of our team will revert to organize this with you within core working hours. Please feel free to include the module code(s) in your email where relevant.

Before your exam:

To request blank MCQ answer sheets for your upcoming exam please complete this form.

Note: This is not necessary for exams scheduled as part of the end of semester exams in the RDS or Blackrock Exam Centre.

After your exam:

When dropping over answer sheets for correction please ensure your answer sheets are accompanied by;

To reduce delays/ issues in MCQ processing please note the following key items;

  • Students should only be required to provide one answer per question. Multiple answers provided by students cannot be scanned.
  • Pencil marks only on answer sheets.
  • Error or omission of a student number being included on each answer sheet may lead to the sheet being excluded from scanning.
  • MCQs cannot be posted through internal mail and photocopies of sheets cannot be scanned.
  • We aim to complete processing and email your results by FileSender within 6 working days.
  • Information for students on how to complete MCQ answer sheets is available on the Student Website.
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If you have any queries regarding MCQ examinations, please contact