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QQI-FET progression to Health & Performance ScienceDN425

This Level 8 Bachelor of Science degree course produces graduates who pursue careers across a variety of settings, including high performance sport, clinical professions (e.g. physiotherapy, dietetics, medicine) and scientific research in sport and health sciences. Students develop a range of skills at the interface of science, sports performance and health across the lifespan.

How do I enter DN425 Health & Performance from a 

QQI-FET award?

Entry to first year Health & Performance Science is available on a competitive basis to applicants who present an accepted major award with Distinction (80% or better) in at least 5 components, including any components and/or results specified below.

What QQI-FET major award(s) are accepted?

  • 6M5147 Sports, Recreation and Exercise

What components are required?

The award must include Distinction in at least 5 components, and must include Distinction in the following components:

  • 6N1950 Communications  or   6N2191 Leadership or 6N1948 Team Leadership
  • 6N1946 Work Experience   or   6N1947 Work Practice
  • Three of the following components:
    • 6N4650 Sports Industry Practice
    • 6N2214 Health Promotion
    • 6N4651 Sports Nutrition
    • 6N4665 Sports Psychology
    • 6N5345 Exercise and Fitness

How will I be assessed?

If there are more applicants than places, admission will be competitive amongst eligible applicants based on (opens in a new window)QQI-FET scoring.

Important Note: scores will only be calculated where the appropriate award is presented in a single sitting, together with all the required components and results.

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