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QQI-FET progression to Psychology DN720

If you have a questioning attitude and good reasoning skills, you will really enjoy the world opened up by Psychology.(opens in a new window)Psychologyhas links to the natural sciences, the social sciences and the arts, so it is likely to appeal to a wide variety of people.

This 3 year degree has core modules that will introduce you to major theories and research methods, and you will also have a chance to choose option modules in specialist areas of psychology (e.g. counselling, clinical psychology and forensic psychology).

How do I enter DN720 Psychology from a QQI-FET award?

Entry to first year Psychology is available on a competitive basis to applicants who present an accepted major award with Distinction (80% or better) in at least 5 components, including any components and/or results specified below.

What QQI-FET major award(s) are accepted?

Level 5 Major Awards
  • 5M5028 Applied Ecology
  • 5M2181 Applied Social Studies
  • 5M2468 Business Administration
  • 5M2102 Business Studies
  • 5M21473 Certificate in Early Learning and Care
  • 5M2786 Community Care
  • 5M3050 Community Development
  • 5M4468 Community Health Services
  • 5M0536 Computer Systems and Networks
  • 5M2071 Contact Centre Operations
  • 5M5048/5M2155 Creative Media
  • 5M2154 Cultural and Heritage Studies
  • 5M2009 Early Childhood Care and Education
  • 5M0828 eBusiness
  • 5M3635 Education and Training
  • 5M5267 Food Science
  • 5M3114 General Studies / Liberal Arts
  • 5M1995 Graphic Design
  • 5M4339 Healthcare Support
  • 5M2067 Information Processing
  • 5M1761 Intellectual Disability Practice
  • 5M2111 International Trade
  • 5M2464 Journalism
  • 5M3807 Laboratory Techniques
  • 5M2073 Language and European Studies
  • 5M3789 Legal Studies
  • 5M2767 Logistics and Distribution
  • 5M2069 Marketing
  • 5M5162 Media Engineering
  • 5M0528/ 5M18518 Media Production
  • 5M2146 Multimedia Production
  • 5M2011 Music
  • 5M4349 Nursing Studies
  • 5M1997 Office Administration
  • 5M18294 Office Informatics
  • 5M2105 Retail Practice
  • 5M0529 Software Development
  • 5M5011 Tourism with Business
  • 5M5165 Trade Union Studies
  • 5M4732 Youth Work
Level 6 Major Awards
  • 6M5013 Administration
  • 6M3618 Arts Administration
  • 6M5149 Broadcasting
  • 6M4985 Business
  • 6M3674 Community Development
  • 6M0695 Computer Systems and Networks
  • 6M20496 Digital Media Production
  • 6M2007 Early Childhood Care and Education
  • 6M4978 Health Service Supervisory Management Skills
  • 6M2263 Inclusive Education and Training
  • 6M3115 Information, Advice and Advocacy
  • 6M5014 International Contact Centre Service
  • 6M4749 Leisure Facility Supervisory Management
  • 6M4587 Management
  • 6M5130 Media Production
  • 6M4385 Retail Management
  • 6M2218 Social and Vocational Integration
  • 6M0691 Software Development
  • 6M5147 Sports, Recreation and Exercise
  • 6M2115 Supervisory Management for Manufacturing
  • 6M2382 Telecommunications Access Networks Technology
  • 6M5012 Tourism and Business

What components are required?

No specific components are required, as long as you present an accepted major award with at least 5 Distinctions.

How will I be assessed?

If there are more eligible applicants than places, admission will be competitive based on (opens in a new window)QQI-FET scoring.

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