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QQI-FET progression to Sports & Exercise Management DN430

The multidisciplinary nature of the BSc in Sport & Exercise Management equips students with skills in areas such as management, marketing, event planning, human resources, economics and finance, sports development and coaching. These underpin the structure and governance of sport, health and exercise programmes today. If these opportunities interest you, the combination of UCD’s internationally recognised academic excellence and sporting reputation makes this degree ideal.

How do I enter DN430 Sport & Exercise Management from a QQI-FET award?

Entry to first year Sports & Exercise Management is available on a competitive basis to applicants who present an accepted major award with Distinction (80% or better) in at least 5 components, including any components and/or results specified below.

What QQI-FET major award(s) are accepted?

  • 6M5147 Sports, Recreation and Exercise

What components are required?

The award must include Distinction in at least 5 components, and must include Distinction in the following components:

  • 6N4650 Sports Industry Practice
  • 6N1946 Work Experience or 6N1949 Personal and Professional Development
  • One of the following components:
    • 6N0697 Customer Service
    • 6N1948 Team Leadership
    • 6N1950 Communications
    • 6N2191 Leadership
    • 6N4800 Event Management

How will I be assessed?

If there are more eligible applicants than places, admission will be competitive based on (opens in a new window)QQI-FET scoring.

Important Note: scores will only be calculated where the appropriate award is presented in a single sitting, together with all the required components and results.

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