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QQI-FET progression to Sustainability DN240

Sustainability is the great challenge of our time. It is enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals and achieving it will require an integrated approach to the protection of the Earth and its inhabitants. (opens in a new window)This unique programmecombines the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability, enabling specialisation in one of those dimensions complemented by knowledge and skills from the others. Core modules provide a global perspective on sustainability and include interdisciplinary research, a professional placement, field work in Ireland and Europe and guest lectures from leading researchers, advocates and practitioners.

Graduates will enjoy careers as consultants, managers and advisers in large organisations and private businesses. An interdisciplinary education in sustainability theory, policy and practise will equip you to work in areas such as renewables, clean technology management and energy efficiency, or advise industries on social and environmental strategies. Many opportunities also exist in international organisations such as the UN, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission, government departments and state agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Parks and Wildlife Service and in local authorities and Non-Governmental Organisations.

How do I enter DN240 Sustainability from a QQI-FET major award?

Entry to first year Sustainability is available on a competitive basis to applicants who present an accepted major award with Distinction (80% or better) in at least 5 components, including any components and/or results specified below.

What QQI-FET major award(s) are accepted?

Level 5 Major Awards:

  • 5M2768 Animal Care
  • 5M5028 Applied Ecology
  • 5M2181 Applied Social Studies
  • 5M2468 Business Administration
  • 5M2102 Business Studies
  • 5M0536 Computer Systems and Networks
  • 5M0828 eBusiness
  • 5M3635 Education and Training
  • CELTX Electronic Technology (Ended June 2016)
  • 5M5267 Food Science
  • 5M2067 Information Processing
  • CITXX Information Technology (Ended Dec 2015)
  • 5M3807 Laboratory Techniques
  • 5M0529 Software Development

Level 6 Major Awards:

  • 6M4985 Business
  • 6M0695 Computer Systems and Networks
  • 6M0691 Software Development

What components are required?

No specific components are required,as long as you are presenting one of the accepted awards listed above, and it includes Distinction in five components.  

How will I be assessed?

If there are more eligible applicants than places, admission will be competitive based on (opens in a new window)QQI-FET scoring.

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