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QQI-FET progression to Veterinary Nursing DN310

In response to the recognition and registration of veterinary nursing as a profession in Ireland, UCD offers a full-time four-year Level 8 Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Nursing) degree. The degree is designed to provide the graduate with not only a sound academic foundation, but also the practical skills and competencies with which to build a solid career as a professional veterinary nurse.

The (opens in a new window)Veterinary Nursing degree provides the graduate with not only a sound academic foundation but also the practical skills and competencies with which to build a solid career as a professional veterinary nurse. Veterinary Nursing students will spend years 1 and 2 on the university campus receiving a high-quality education through lectures, tutorials and practical classes covering all aspects of veterinary nursing. In years 3 and 4, students will engage in taught modules and also work placements within veterinary practices that are committed to veterinary nurse training. The curriculum for the degree reflects the demands on the Irish veterinary practice by incorporating teaching on small animal (including exotics), farm animal and equine nursing.

The Irish Veterinary Nursing Association (IVNA) is the body which represents veterinary nurses and veterinary support staff in Ireland. For more information, visit the (opens in a new window)IVNA website.

The study of Veterinary Nursing necessitates using animal-derived material in some classes. Any animal tissue used in classes is ethically sourced in full compliance with the University’s ethical review body. Individuals who object unreservedly to the use of animal material in teaching should not enter the Veterinary Nursing programme.

How do I enter DN310 Veterinary Nursing from a QQI-FET award?

Entry to first year Veterinary Nursing is available on a competitive basis to applicants who present an accepted major award with Distinction (80% or better) in at least 5 components, including any components and/or results specified below.

What QQI-FET major award(s) are accepted?

  • CASLT/5M3807 Laboratory Techniques
  • CASAC/5M2768 Animal Care

What components are required?

The award must include Distinction in at least 5 components, and must include Distinction in the following two components:

  • C20006/5N2746 Biology
  • C20139/5N1833 Mathematics

And the award must include a minimum of Pass in the following components:

  • C20153/5N0750 Animal Anatomy & Physiology
  • B20145/5N1952 Information & Communication Systems or B20032/5N1358 Word Processing

How will I be assessed?

If there are more eligible applicants than places, admission will be competitive based on (opens in a new window)QQI-FET scoring.

Important Note: Due to the competitive nature of the Veterinary Nursing programme, scores will only be calculated where the appropriate award is presented in a single sitting, together with all the required modules and grades.

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