Progression from Higher Certificate or Ordinary Degree

It is possible to apply for admission to certain linked degree courses in UCD, on the basis of a Level 6 Higher Certificate or Level 7 Ordinary Degree, through specific progression routes from Irish Institutes of Technology/Technical Universities with at least Merit award. 

Applications are considered for Stage 2 or 3 depending on awards presented but in some cases applicants are considered for Stage 1.

There are progression routes available to the following courses only:

BTEC HNDs in related areas may also be considered for the above areas.

If you are considering applying for a transfer, please check the fees implications at

Some programmes will not normally consider applicants who have been unsuccessful in a similar programme - full details are on the restrictions page.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer. In line with the Admissions Policy, offers for taught programmes will not be made after the third week of a trimester. Deferral or Leave of Absence is not permissible for the trimester following acceptance of a transfer/re-admission offer.

In some cases, students may wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning in addition to that granted by the transfer process (see Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy).

All students must comply with the regulations of the University.

The above is summary information only. Full regulations are included in the Transfer Policy.