How does UCD Applications work

Information for Staff

UCD Applications is an online application system which is the official UCD application system for all Graduate Taught programmes as well as for Global and Transfer applications to undergraduate programmes. It may also be used for graduate research programmes.

What are the roles and responsibilities for this:

Applicant Admissions Tutor/Graduate School Board Admissions
1 Complete application accurately and
1 Prepare application form with admissions, specifying requirements. 1 Prepares application forms in liaison with school
2 Opens and closes applications
2 Pay application fee 2 Notify Admissions of open and closing dates for application
(note: all closing dates should be notified at least a week in advance, so applicants will have adequate warning)
3 Scans and records documents received
3 Upload supporting documents 4 Troubleshoots applicant difficulties
  5 Verifies documents on receipt of originals
If offered a place 3 Assess applications and enter decisions (or International Office for non-EU students if authority has been delegated) 6 Trains and assists staff
1 Accept and pay deposit Please note that Admissions does not have a role in the initial decision-making process but carries out frequent audits of decisions.
2 Present originals of relevant documents for verification 4 Report on acceptance to Graduate School Board, if appropriate
    5 If documents are verified locally ensure records are updated and notified to Admissions so that the document verification hold can be released.

Who do I contact to get my major set-up?

Contact UCD Registry - Admissions

When do I need to make offers?

Offers should be made in accordance with your approved and published entry criteria. In general, offers are made on a rolling basis until your programme quota is reached; this may happen as early as October or as late as August. In each case, once the programme quota is full, no more offers are made. Applicants must therefore be encouraged to apply as early as possible to any given programme. 

Under , offers for taught programmes will not be made after the third week of a trimester. Where results are received later than this due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, a deferred offer may be issued.

Offers are made on copies of documents; a hold is put on the record until original documentation is verified or the Admissions Tutor has given approval. This hold currently prevents students viewing examination results.

How do I assess qualifications from outside Ireland?

For qualifications gained outside Ireland, UCD Registry - Admissions can give you access to our subscription to UK NARIC Qualifications Database and we are happy to assist you in dealing with complex qualifications. 

Evidence of English, where required should be in accordance with our minimum English Language requirements - please use the Detailed English language requirements for staff if your programme requires a score above the minimum.

What information is available to help me manage this?

We have online instructions (UCD Connect login required) available to assist staff and we are happy to arrange training for you if necessary. There is also a test version of the system which you can use to see what the application is like from an applicant perspective. For security purposes access to this is restricted. If you require access you need to contact IT Services ( directly.

The instructions for applicants [pdf] may also be of interest to staff involved in advising prospective applicants.

Annual Statistics are also available.

How is the system managed?

Admissions manages the system on a daily basis with assistance from IT Services. Overall policies, procedures and development priorities are decided by the Application Steering Group.