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Programme Verification

What is Programme Verification?

Programme verification is a process that is carried out annually by staff in College and School Offices to ensure that registration works for students. Each area is provided with test students, supporting documentation and access to a test registration system.

When does Programme Verification take place?

Generally the process commences in July each year, but is dependent on timetabling and programme structure readiness in each programme area.

Why do we need to Programme Verify?

Programme verification offers an opportunity to pre-emptively identify and resolve issues that would otherwise affect students during registration. We are particularly interested in you reviewing the following broad categories and ensuring the information is correct:

Programme Structure Information: - Credit totals for each stage are correct
- Core/option modules are accurately configured
- All core and option modules are displaying (if they do not, it may indicate a timetable issue)
- Correct General Elective modules available
Module Information: -  Trimester, credit and title information is correct
Requirements/Dependency Information: -  Students are blocked/permitted to register to modules as appropriate
-  Requisites do not block students from registering to modules they are legitimately entitled to take
-  Requisites are not unduly complex
Descriptions of module dependencies can be found here
Timetable Information: -  Timetable accurately reflects the information provided to Room Allocations
-  Students can register to core/option modules without clashes
Fitness to Purpose: -  The stage and rule text communicates to students appropriately and helps them engage with their programme (particularly where students have a number of option choices to make)
-  The stage and rule text tallies with any additional support activities planned by the College and School Offices
Useful Documentation
2023 Guidelines for Programme Verification
2023 Programme Verification using JIRA
2023 Programme Verification Checklist

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