Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this being introduced?
What are the types of module delivery available for Spring 2021?
When the facility for changing my module's timetabling opens?
Who can I speak to about this? I don't understand how my module CRNs will be impacted in terms of what students will see?
I have a Spring Trimester module that's less than 49 seats but it has no room allocated to it. Can I switch to face-to-face delivery?
I have a Spring Trimester module that has more than 49 seats and it has no room allocated to it. Can I switch some of its offerings (e.g. a particular week) to face-to-face delivery?
Can I change my mind if I switch my module from face-to-face to online delivery, and vice versa?
Is the Spring Trimester timetabling process complete?
I have a new Spring Trimester module - how do I get that scheduled in the timetable for Spring?
How will students find out if a change has been made to their module?
How will I know that my request to change my module to face-to-face, has been actioned?
Where can I find further details on timetabling for the Spring Trimester?
Could I change the sequence of my labs to block them all together?
Who requests the changes, and how long will it take before they are visible?
How are my labs/ studios/ practicals/ tutorials impacted?
Is there a deadline by which I must notify my Spring Trimester timetable requirements for my module?
There are multiple rooms associated with my module; currently default delivery is online, but if we move to face-to-face, will those rooms still be associated with my module?
Where can I find the application to make the change as to how my module will be delivered?
Where is this information viewable by School/Programme/College administrators?
Do I have to change all my Spring modules back to online if the level of restriction increases?
Will I be invited to review how my modules will be delivered in Spring?
Is there any webpage to which I can refer colleagues for information on this?
I have taken over a Spring Trimester module, but I don't have any InfoHub CMS access to it. Who should I contact?
Can I increase the module capacity on my Spring Trimester module?
Does this apply to modules that I will be delivering in the Summer Trimester?
My module is not showing in this tab, what do I do?
Who else has access to change the details for my module?
I want to change the time my module will be offered. Can I do this via Infohub?
I am teaching on campus for Spring Trimester. What rooms will be available for live streaming and video capture?
If I change the mode of delivery on the Curriculum Management System, will this automatically change the delivery of my module on the student timetable?
Will this facility be available during the Summer term?
How long will it take to reflect on the student timetable?
If my CRN has multiple contact types how will this be managed?
My module has one CRN, some elements are essential in person and others I will teach online - what should I do?