Identify and engage partners and stakeholders


A Project Partner is an individual collaborator or organisation (academic or non-academic) that will have an integral role in the proposed research project.

It is important to consider what expertise you need to carry out the project and then identify who can provide this expertise. There are a number of self service supports listed below, which may help you find future project partners.


A stakeholder is an individual, group, or organization, that may use, affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project.

It is important to think about why and with whom you want to engage at an early stage in the project development.

Ideally stakeholder engagement should be thought about in parallel with the design of the research activity. The aim should be to prioritise those engagement activities that will enhance the quality or impact of your research.

Read this short guide (8 min read): How to do Stakeholder Analysis

Public involvement in research is based on the idea that people who are affected by research have a right to inform that research. Meeting with key stakeholders including members of the public, technical experts, service providers and users, other researchers, community partners, policymakers, industry liaisons and funders allows for maximum input as the research question takes shape. Remember to:

  • Identify key stakeholders and collaborators for whom the research is relevant
  • Refine your research question or hypothesis through dialogue with key stakeholders and community partners

UCD PPI ignite is a programme that is focused on supporting and embedding public and patient involvement (PPI) in health and social care research.  For further information, you can contact: Dr Éidín Ní Shé: or Professor Thilo Kroll:

Self-Service Supports

If you want to find collaborators or networks for research partnerships, you might consider the following:

Central Supports

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Activities and programmes run by UCD and its members take place across the full spectrum of public engagement, from informing and inspiring through to consulting and collaborating. Visit the UCD Public Engagement Community of Practice website to see resources, seminars, events and case studies, or to join the community. Vist UCD Public Engagement website